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Welcome to Sacred Icon, a sci-fi blog that posts Top Ten lists, opinion pieces, reviews and other content related to many different science fiction franchises, including Doctor Who, Halo, Star Wars, Star Trek and Transformers. This blog also features reviews and Top Ten lists of the Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays, and also occasionally hosts showcases for my own custom Dalek collection. Feel free to browse the category list, or click the categories in the menu above, to browse posts on the site, and don’t forget to follow the blog for updates on new posts and leave a like on any posts you enjoy.

We appreciate all feedback here at Sacred Icon, so if you see something you like or read something that you wish to add to, feel free to leave a comment sharing your thoughts. As a sci-fi blog, we cover a variety of different topics, several of which are niche sci-fi lore for franchises like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars and Halo. If you enjoyed reading our content here at Sacred Icon, do leave a like to show your support as it is greatly appreciated. Scroll down to see the variety of new posts we have here at Sacred Icon, and for our post history you can either check the links in the sidebar or use the ‘Posts by Month’ drop-down menu at the bottom of the sidebar. We hope you enjoy our blog!

Sacred Icon is proud to present The Asylum Project, a showcase of expertly crafted handmade custom Dalek figures that is available to view for free here at Sacred Icon. This collection has been growing for over ten years and a variety of different custom techniques, including various model painting brushes, specialist cutting tools, permanent adhesives and creative eco-friendly upcycling have been used to transform broken or unwanted old Dalek toys into intricately hand-crafted works of art. Check out the recently released Asylum Project posts here:

Custom New Series Dalek FIGUREs

Custom Destroyed Dalek Figures

Custom Paradigm Dalek Figures

Custom Classic Series Dalek FIGUREs

Custom Destroyed Classic Dalek Figures


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