Classic Series Dalek Customs Collection Tour – Destroyed / Asylum Daleks

Welcome to the next instalment in a series of Dalek customs showcases, this will essentially be a tour through my collection of custom-made Classic Daleks that have been altered and painted to appear destroyed, with some marked with stamps for the Dalek Asylum. All of these customs are made by me unless stated otherwise in the description.

DISCLAIMER: I have not damaged or destroyed any rare classic Dalek figures to create these customs. All of these Daleks are either common Classic figures painted to look like rarer figures, or figures which I bought on the pretence that they were damaged beyond repair and then painted and customised, so rest assured, no rare Daleks were harmed during the making of these customs. (At least, not by me, but I’ll explain that later…)

Duo of Destroyed Genesis Dalek Custom Figures:



These are two destroyed Daleks from totally different eras, even if they are of the same design. The left side Dalek has been altered to resemble a casualty of the early Dalek-Thal War that takes place on Skaro during the finale of Genesis of the Daleks. Damaged out in the wastelands of Skaro by a land mine and hit with a well-aimed explosive, this Dalek has collapsed in on itself as the mutant inside dies. I had to cut the neck rings to shape and use hot glue and paint to make it appear as though the front part of the Dalek’s neck ring had collapsed due to an impact on the back of the casing, which spewed green oil and fluid all over the top part of the Dalek and blasted off its weapons and eyestalk in the process.
The right side Dalek is my rendition of a Genesis-style Asylum inmate, who has been rotting in the Asylum since the very beginning. Long since destroyed by age and the other inmates, this relic to Dalek history sits abandoned, still bearing the scars of its former battles and stains of oil on its side. Whether or not the pole sticking out of its head is what remains of the eyestalk or a brutal makeshift weapon that has been embedded in the dome somehow is open to interpretation.

Damaged Revelation-era Asylum Custom Figure:



Since a classic Dalek from Resurrection of the Daleks appeared in the Asylum, I have created this custom to resemble the Daleks from that era, although it more resembles a Revelation or even a Destiny style figure in the right light. Nonetheless, this Dalek was painted using a Gold Day of the Daleks Supreme as the base, and then dirtied up with black, brown and green paint and stamped with an Asylum mark. This Dalek was also partially inspired by a bizarre story from 2009 in which a classic Dalek prop was found in a swamp and fished out, which you can read about here:

Insane Emperor’s Guard Dalek Custom Figure:



A relatively prominent feature in the Asylum during Asylum of the Daleks was a dirtied-up Emperor’s Guard Dalek from The Evil of the Daleks, which featured in several of the promotional photos for the episode and actually appeared numerous times throughout the episode, unlike some of the other classic Daleks. Most notably it appeared as the Dalek which Amy, in her drug-induced hallucinatory state, imagines as a dancing ballerina, when it is in fact spinning endlessly and out of control. It would seem wrong then to not include this figure as part of the Asylum collection. For newcomers to the world of Dalek figure Customs, this is one of the easiest customs to make, since 60s-era bodyguards are among the cheapest of the Dalek figures you can buy. All I used here was black and grey paint to dirty it up a bit and a tippex pen and red Sharpee for the Asylum stamp, as is the case with all of my Asylum customs.

Burnt Death to the Daleks Custom Figure:



Another classic Dalek which was in the Asylum but did not feature as prominently as the Emperor’s Guard Dalek was a recreation of a Death to the Daleks-era design. Unfortunately, not only did this Dalek barely feature in the actual episode, it was painted a heavy, dull grey, making its unique design barely recognisable. This is therefore a representation of how I think this type of Dalek should have appeared in the Asylum, and I created this model using a repainted Emperor’s Guard figure that I detailed in black paint to appear burnt, as a reference to the fact that Daleks inexplicably catch fire in this episode. The orange lights indicate that this Dalek was a commander before being admitted to the Asylum, possibly having been scarred by the ridiculous-looking giant water eel that definitely wasn’t made of plastic and held up with wires.

Destroyed Dead Planet Dalek Custom Figure:



Another feature in the Asylum was a classic Dead Planet Dalek, featuring the new updated colour scheme that would later become more prominent in The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witches’ Familiar, particularly since it was the same model used. For this custom I modified a Dalek Saucer Pilot, replacing the base with a shorter one and painting the Dalek with grey and black paint to appear old and dirtied. I also added a ‘mutant reveal’ feature to this Dalek, by removing the front section and sanding down the parts that keep it in place so that it can be securely fitted but easily removed. The interior I created using parts of an old CD to give it a 1960s vibe, and the mutant is simply the top half of a Dalek Sec Hybrid figure’s head, held in place by a plastic sheet that holds the piece in place.

Duo of Destroyed Imperial Dalek Figures:



One of these is not a custom, but is in fact the destroyed Imperial Dalek included in the Remembrance of the Daleks two-pack with Emperor Davros. However, the Dalek on the right is half-mine, in that I did the paint job but not the custom itself. I believe this to be another of CaptainJimiPie’s customs, although it is not as recognisable as such now because it has a completely new paint job. In CaptainJimiPie’s Asylum Dalek custom figure showcase, the Dalek that appears at 1:35 is undoubtedly this Dalek, but with different appendages and a slightly different shade of green used for the flesh inside.

Asylum War of the Daleks Special Weapons Dalek Custom Figure:



Since I already have two untarnished and near-mint condition Special Weapons Daleks, this one was open for editing when I received it. I am convinced that this is the same Special Weapons Dalek featured in CaptainJimiPie’s Custom Figure Showcase video of Asylum Daleks, since the stamp matches, but anyone could have recreated this. It came to me in a damaged state regardless, and since there is some damage to the gun and the talking system doesn’t work, I decided to create an Asylum version of the blue and gold Special Weapons Dalek that features in the War of the Daleks tabletop game. To those unfamiliar with this game, it serves as the source of several of my Classic Series Customs, and they have a gallery of all the different designs, of which this Dalek is one of them.

Check that out here:

Bonus – Custom made by CaptainJimiPie



Whilst the origins of the previous custom remain ambiguous, I have recently received confirmation via email that this is indeed a genuine CaptainJimiPie custom, which I purchased on ebay. I have only made a few alterations to this custom, mostly repaints of the green segments to replace paint that had flaked away, and fitted a new base since the original one had been removed when I received this figure. This Dalek features in CaptainJimiPie’s showcase of his Asylum Dalek collection, which you can view here (This Dalek that I now own features at 1:08 in this video):

I would also like to leave a link here to another CaptainJimiPie video, in which he has an important point to make, which relates to the disclaimer I put at the start of this Customs Collection Tour.

Essentially, the two Classic Series Genesis Daleks were part of a job lot that I bought and had suffered the same treatment that the good Captain mentions in his video here. This means that they were essentially useless as Classic Daleks, and could only be used as Asylum customs. Whilst that is great for me since I used them for this purpose, it is ridiculous that some people just burn Classic Dalek figures with no regard for their rarity or value. I only include this segment as a further disclaimer that I did not damage any rare Classic Daleks myself that were not already irreparably damaged beyond repair.

So there is my collection of Classic Series Asylum Daleks, next time I will be showcasing some odd additions to my Asylum Customs Collection, but until then, I hope you enjoyed.


Author: Cameron Walker

Writer, Painter, Dalek collector, Walker, General Idealist but Political Realist, Fan of Doctor Who, Star Wars, Halo, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Ghost in the Shell, among other things. All Doctor Who discussion particularly welcome, but be warned, I am a huge nerd.

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