New Series Dalek Customs Collection Tour – More Destroyed Daleks

Since I started customising my goal has always been to increase my own collection of custom Daleks. However, as I discovered when I was unloading my box of spares only to realise that even if I did make any more Daleks they would not fit on my shelf, I feel as though the time has come to start making Dalek customs to sell on to other people, particularly since interest seems fairly high at the moment. I have therefore decided to create more custom Daleks in the hope that I can sell them on.

Pair of Destroyed Dalek Thays


I have already showcased one Destroyed Dalek Thay on this blog, which can be found here. These, however, I created to be more screen-accurate recreations of Dalek Thay’s destruction than I had created. I studied the shot of Dalek Thay exploding and realised that there is not as much damage to the lower half or even as much to the midsection, although the gun and plunger both fall off. I recreated the mechanical mess inside using wires and black paint, but used hot glue to imply the remains of an organic occupant. Both of these Daleks are for sale on eBay, linked here:


Destroyed Black Dalek Figure


This custom involved an elaborate interior section which I created using paper, hot glue, green paint and patience. I had to saw the top half of a Dalek Sec and then individually saw the midsection apart to recover some of the panels, as I wanted to make it look as though this Dalek fell apart in the almost ‘modular’ fashion that the Daleks in Resurrection and Revelation of the Daleks seem to do when they are destroyed. The mutant inside is implied to still be alive, flailing about as the mutants in Resurrection of the Daleks do. This Dalek is for sale, linked here:

Destroyed Paradigm Dalek Drone


This Paradigm Drone has had a bad day. Who knows what could have happened to it. Perhaps its top half was sawn off by the bite of some gigantic dinosaur. Perhaps it was destroyed by a well-placed blast of Nitro-9. Perhaps it was left to rot in some basement of the BBC prop department and the midsection rings collapsed. Whatever the reason, this Dalek has lost its head, and now sits a dormant husk, probably slowly sinking into a swamp somewhere waiting to be found over 30 years later by volunteers dredging a pond. Who knows, but the custom itself used much the same materials as the Black Dalek except I applied oil detailing to the skirt section using careful application of permanent marker. Like the other three above, this Dalek is also for sale, linked here:

Bonus 1 – Work-in-progress Paradigm Drone


This Dalek is simply not done yet, although I require more parts in order to get him right. Regardless, here he is in his current state – I am attempting to implement the same ‘criss-cross’ pattern as on my other damaged Paradigm Drone (which can be found here). I will post updates on this custom when progress on it resumes!

Bonus 2 – Damaged Paradigm Eternal (SOLD)
And Gold Dalek Supreme (SOLD)


This one is interesting because I finished a lot of these Daleks some time ago, and they have actually been up on eBay for some time now. These two sold almost immediately which was surprising but gives me hope that people enjoy my work and that I can provide good quality customs for people who love Daleks as much as I do.

Author: Cameron Walker

Writer, Painter, Dalek collector, Walker, General Idealist but Political Realist, Fan of Doctor Who, Star Wars, Halo, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Ghost in the Shell, among other things. All Doctor Who discussion particularly welcome, but be warned, I am a huge nerd.

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