Custom New Series Paradigm Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part III

Doctor Who Custom Dalek Asylum Project by Sacred Icon

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts showcasing my collection of custom Dalek Asylum inmates, including Paradigm Daleks in the Asylum. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. Many of these custom Daleks depict Daleks that have been destroyed, something that we never got to see in the actual TV series due to the under-use of the Paradigm Daleks. As I have mentioned previously on this blog, the Paradigm Daleks are fun to customise, which somewhat redeems the design in my eyes (although I admit that this is a niche reason to like them) so I relish the opportunity to explore creative new ideas with the Paradigm Daleks through the Asylum Project.

Part III of the New Series Paradigm Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Paradigm Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear damaged, insane or deranged, though many of them are simply destroyed. Despite their plastic appearance, the Paradigm Daleks made good candidates for destroyed Daleks as, when done right, the destroyed effect contrasts excellently with the pristine nature of the Paradigm casings. Unlike the Time War Daleks, which came pre-painted with grit and dirt in the New Series, the Paradigm are clean and shiny – making the dirty, tarnished destroyed versions look all the more striking.

Custom Destroyed Paradigm Eternal Dalek

Although a destroyed Eternal Dalek may sound like a contradiction, the concept is possible as we were never given an actual explanation for why the Eternal Dalek existed – leading several fans to assume that it fulfilled its purpose in bringing back the Dalek Empire in the form of the nomadic Dalek Parliament. It is therefore possible that, following this goal was achieved, the Eternal was subsequently destroyed by some means, as it is not seen in Asylum of the Daleks. This custom was created using a simple Dalek Eternal figure with the top cut off using a hacksaw. Some of the remains of the upper half were then used to fill the gap, and the neck rings were broken up and placed on top with hot glue. The upper-front part of the skirt was painted black using a shading effect to give the impression of blast scoring from an explosion.

Despite its position as one of the highest ranking Daleks in the new order, the Dalek Eternal would eventually be condemned to the Asylum and destroyed by its fellow Daleks after fulfilling its task. Those on the Supreme Council speculated that this was due to the Eternal’s knowledge of the creation of the Paradigm and its status as a leading figure in Dalek ‘society’.

Custom Damaged Paradigm Strategist Dalek

This custom was created to resemble the Character Options Asylum Daleks, specifically the Paradigm Drone. There is something oddly satisfying about the Supreme and Drone Daleks in the Asylum set, as they have no physical damage and possess all of their appendages yet sport a grimy, weathered paint job that actually looks pretty good for a mass-produced product. I decided to mirror this simple design using this Strategist Dalek, which creates a trio of these Paradigm Asylum Daleks that sit together in my collection. I added the metallic weathering effect using silver paint applying with a dry-brush, and black Citadel paint was using to add a layer of grime to the casing.

A recent addition to the Asylum, this damaged Dalek Strategist has aligned itself with a faction of other Daleks for survival and uses its powerful weapons to act as a heavy gunner for the Asylum inmates that it has banded together with. However, it secretly fosters hatred for all of its current allies and plans to eventually betray them…

Custom Damaged Paradigm Enforcer Dalek

This custom is a bit wacky, as it both depicts a colour scheme of Paradigm Dalek that we have never seen before, whilst also sporting the exact same ‘injuries’ as a Paradigm Supreme Dalek that we do see in Asylum of the Daleks, including the missing eyestalk and ear lights as well as the deep ‘criss-cross’ cuts into the left hand side of the Dalek. The paint job uses rose-gold, grey and deep blue paint, and although the grey paint is my usual stalwart Citadel paints, the glossy rose-gold and deep blue was added using Humbrol paints that belonged to my father and that I have possessed since I was a child, and despite their age they still work incredibly well.

Once a guard that kept order within the Asylum, this former Dalek Enforcer was destroyed in a firefight and its remains now sit rotting in the corridors that this Enforcer once patrolled. The inmates that this Dalek once guarded now roam the Asylum, free to run amok as they please.

Custom Destroyed Paradigm Drone Dalek

I created this custom to resemble a destroyed Paradigm Dalek drone, although the actual means by which this Drone were destroyed are quite mysterious, as it sports damage both to the top section and the lower part of the skirt. I created the upper damage by sawing off the head and re-applying the neck rings using hot glue, filling in the middle part with hot glue and wires. I also gave the entire figure a black wash with Citadel paint, and this includes the innards, giving the custom a burned effect.

Having sustained heavy damage in a firefight in the Asylum, this Dalek Drone was destroyed by a vertical blast fired at it from above – the dome was destroyed, and the blast actually emegerged on the other side and caused a huge explosion at the base of the Drone, killing the mutant and rending the casing useless.

Custom Destroyed Paradigm Dalek Scientist

This custom was created to resemble a Scientist Dalek that got its chemistry experiment very, very wrong. This figure shows one of the few examples of me using a burning effect on a Dalek custom – as previously mentioned, I do not particularly like this method of customising, as it creates a bubbly effect due to the burning plastic that spoils the illusion that the Dalek is made of metal. However, for this purpose, it works perfectly to depict a Dalek that has succumbed to some sort of corrosive material.

Following a misguided experiment involving synthesised corrosive material designed to destroy Dalekanium, this Scientist Dalek was doused in a liquid of his own creation that quickly ate through the casing and killed the mutant inside. As such, the mutilated remains were dumped in the Asylum and the corrosive quickly forgotten.

Author: Dalek Rabe

I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, Halo, Star Trek and Star Wars and I enjoy watching classic Doctor Who episodes, customising Dalek figures, replaying games like Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy from the early 2000s on the original Xbox.

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