Custom Destroyed New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part VI

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts showcasing galleries of my custom Dalek Asylum inmates collection. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. In fact, several of these Daleks are among the earliest additions to my collection, although they have been repainted many times since then.

As I strive to improve the customs in this collection, it is important to continually improve the customs, particularly when I learn new skills that enhance my creations. These customs are depicting destroyed Daleks, which are among the most creative examples of my work. As such, this is the greatest showcase of experimentation and improvement across my collection. Part VI of the Destroyed New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Time War Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear destroyed or damaged beyond repair.

Although many of the Daleks in this collection are said to have been destroyed by infighting, I try to steer away from using this explanation for all of my destroyed customs – after all, variety of the spice of life. As such, several of these Daleks have been destroyed by other factors, and this is reflected in the manner in which they are made.

Custom Destroyed Dalek SpecOps Soldier

This custom is based on the design seen in the fan-made remake of The Power of the Daleks, in that it is a New Series Daleks that sports a colour scheme that resembles the Classic late 1960s-era Daleks. The created this custom by sawing the top part off a New Series Dalek that I had spray-painted silver, and reattaching the top part at an angle using hot glue. The hemispheres were coloured in using light blue permanent marker, and the inside of the Dalek was filled with tissue paper and hot glue painted black to resemble burned-out interior workings.

This Dalek was critically damaged by human saboteurs on a secret mission, and as such was abandoned by its colleagues and eventually transported to the Asylum. Although its casing is in mostly working order, the mutant inside instead opts to use its gun to blast strange patterns into the walls that the mutant itself cannot see.

Custom Destroyed Claw Mutant Dalek

I am particularly proud of this custom, which I created using a damaged New Series Dalek figure – with the head removed and the entire figure painted grey, the hardest part was adding the gooey mutant inside – I created this using a combination of hot glue, plastic parts and wires, and the claw was created using two blades from a Warhammer set. The mutant’s eye and mouth come from a Series 3 Carrionite figure, the head of which is buried deep within the mutant itself. The insides of the custom were painted with a glossy green Humbrol paint and the hemispheres were painted a darker grey to stand out.

After the top half of this Dalek was wrenched off by a huge beast, the remains were teleported to the Asylum when it became clear that the Dalek inside had been driven aggressively insane by the ordeal. As such, it now sits in the Asylum, screaming and thrashing at anyone who dares come near.

Custom Destroyed Dalek Scientist

This custom, although using the New Series design, is painted to resemble the Dalek Saucer Commander seen in the movie Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D starring Peter Cushing. Although I have never been a fan of the movie Daleks, this colour scheme in particular stood out to me as a unique design, and I am disappointed that, although the prop was on set and ready to use, the production team of the Series 9 opening two-parter The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar didn’t canonise this design by including it in the episode. Nonetheless, this custom was created using a standard Time War Dalek painted red and silver, with damage done to the eyestalk housing and the skirt section. The front panel was cut in half, with one half hanging ajar. The green tentacles are made using wires painted green. Green paint was also used on the damaged sections of the eyestalk and sections of the skirt.

A distinctive and high-ranking member of the Dalek Scientific Division, this Commander was condemned to the Asylum after his Saucer crashed into a major Dalek docking station, killing thousands of Daleks yet leaving this specimen miraculously unscathed.

Custom Ancient Headless Dalek

I created this custom to resemble a Dalek that had been sat in the Asylum for millennia having been killed early in the history of the Asylum. As such, I used several shades of silver and bronze Citadel paint for this custom, as it not only sports a complete silver repaint but also several coats of bronze dry-brushing to give it a weathered, battered effect with a few hints of rust. The head of this Dalek was cut off using a hacksaw, and the insides were filled with tissue paper and hot glue before being painted black.

Although ancient, the Asylum is still perfectly capable of subduing unruly inmates – this destroyed casing was one of the first Daleks that was ever destroyed inside the Asylum, and it was not due to infighting – it was instead as a result of this Dalek trying to escape. It was beheaded by the Asylum’s internal laser systems.

Custom Destroyed Mutant Reveal Dalek

The Mutant Reveal Dalek, although uncommon, is not a rare Dalek – in fact, it is common to encounter this Dalek in bundles, particularly if its appendages have been removed, as it is often overlooked by those who are not in-the-know about the specific features of each Dalek. I created this custom using a damaged mutant reveal Dalek that I received, that was missing the front panel as well as all of the appendages. I removed the top half using a hacksaw, and gave the figure a black wash with Citadel paint. The mutant was painted using green and purple Humbrol, giving it a glossy finish that makes it look gooey and slimey.

Still alive despite the critical damage to its casing, this Dalek sits in one of the Asylum’s auxiliary control rooms and spies on its fellow inmates through the security system. To what end, no-one knows – so far, it has done nothing with the information it has received except giggle.

Custom New Series Paradigm Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part III

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts showcasing my collection of custom Dalek Asylum inmates, including Paradigm Daleks in the Asylum. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. Many of these custom Daleks depict Daleks that have been destroyed, something that we never got to see in the actual TV series due to the under-use of the Paradigm Daleks. As I have mentioned previously on this blog, the Paradigm Daleks are fun to customise, which somewhat redeems the design in my eyes (although I admit that this is a niche reason to like them) so I relish the opportunity to explore creative new ideas with the Paradigm Daleks through the Asylum Project.

Part III of the New Series Paradigm Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Paradigm Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear damaged, insane or deranged, though many of them are simply destroyed. Despite their plastic appearance, the Paradigm Daleks made good candidates for destroyed Daleks as, when done right, the destroyed effect contrasts excellently with the pristine nature of the Paradigm casings. Unlike the Time War Daleks, which came pre-painted with grit and dirt in the New Series, the Paradigm are clean and shiny – making the dirty, tarnished destroyed versions look all the more striking.

Custom Destroyed Paradigm Eternal Dalek

Although a destroyed Eternal Dalek may sound like a contradiction, the concept is possible as we were never given an actual explanation for why the Eternal Dalek existed – leading several fans to assume that it fulfilled its purpose in bringing back the Dalek Empire in the form of the nomadic Dalek Parliament. It is therefore possible that, following this goal was achieved, the Eternal was subsequently destroyed by some means, as it is not seen in Asylum of the Daleks. This custom was created using a simple Dalek Eternal figure with the top cut off using a hacksaw. Some of the remains of the upper half were then used to fill the gap, and the neck rings were broken up and placed on top with hot glue. The upper-front part of the skirt was painted black using a shading effect to give the impression of blast scoring from an explosion.

Despite its position as one of the highest ranking Daleks in the new order, the Dalek Eternal would eventually be condemned to the Asylum and destroyed by its fellow Daleks after fulfilling its task. Those on the Supreme Council speculated that this was due to the Eternal’s knowledge of the creation of the Paradigm and its status as a leading figure in Dalek ‘society’.

Custom Damaged Paradigm Strategist Dalek

This custom was created to resemble the Character Options Asylum Daleks, specifically the Paradigm Drone. There is something oddly satisfying about the Supreme and Drone Daleks in the Asylum set, as they have no physical damage and possess all of their appendages yet sport a grimy, weathered paint job that actually looks pretty good for a mass-produced product. I decided to mirror this simple design using this Strategist Dalek, which creates a trio of these Paradigm Asylum Daleks that sit together in my collection. I added the metallic weathering effect using silver paint applying with a dry-brush, and black Citadel paint was using to add a layer of grime to the casing.

A recent addition to the Asylum, this damaged Dalek Strategist has aligned itself with a faction of other Daleks for survival and uses its powerful weapons to act as a heavy gunner for the Asylum inmates that it has banded together with. However, it secretly fosters hatred for all of its current allies and plans to eventually betray them…

Custom Damaged Paradigm Enforcer Dalek

This custom is a bit wacky, as it both depicts a colour scheme of Paradigm Dalek that we have never seen before, whilst also sporting the exact same ‘injuries’ as a Paradigm Supreme Dalek that we do see in Asylum of the Daleks, including the missing eyestalk and ear lights as well as the deep ‘criss-cross’ cuts into the left hand side of the Dalek. The paint job uses rose-gold, grey and deep blue paint, and although the grey paint is my usual stalwart Citadel paints, the glossy rose-gold and deep blue was added using Humbrol paints that belonged to my father and that I have possessed since I was a child, and despite their age they still work incredibly well.

Once a guard that kept order within the Asylum, this former Dalek Enforcer was destroyed in a firefight and its remains now sit rotting in the corridors that this Enforcer once patrolled. The inmates that this Dalek once guarded now roam the Asylum, free to run amok as they please.

Custom Destroyed Paradigm Drone Dalek

I created this custom to resemble a destroyed Paradigm Dalek drone, although the actual means by which this Drone were destroyed are quite mysterious, as it sports damage both to the top section and the lower part of the skirt. I created the upper damage by sawing off the head and re-applying the neck rings using hot glue, filling in the middle part with hot glue and wires. I also gave the entire figure a black wash with Citadel paint, and this includes the innards, giving the custom a burned effect.

Having sustained heavy damage in a firefight in the Asylum, this Dalek Drone was destroyed by a vertical blast fired at it from above – the dome was destroyed, and the blast actually emegerged on the other side and caused a huge explosion at the base of the Drone, killing the mutant and rending the casing useless.

Custom Destroyed Paradigm Dalek Scientist

This custom was created to resemble a Scientist Dalek that got its chemistry experiment very, very wrong. This figure shows one of the few examples of me using a burning effect on a Dalek custom – as previously mentioned, I do not particularly like this method of customising, as it creates a bubbly effect due to the burning plastic that spoils the illusion that the Dalek is made of metal. However, for this purpose, it works perfectly to depict a Dalek that has succumbed to some sort of corrosive material.

Following a misguided experiment involving synthesised corrosive material designed to destroy Dalekanium, this Scientist Dalek was doused in a liquid of his own creation that quickly ate through the casing and killed the mutant inside. As such, the mutilated remains were dumped in the Asylum and the corrosive quickly forgotten.

Custom New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part VI

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts showcasing my collection of custom Dalek Asylum inmates, including Time War Daleks in the Asylum. These Daleks are a more loose collection, with no real theme between each one, though several are similar. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection.

This instalment of the New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover the more unique examples of Daleks in my collection of custom Time War era Daleks that have been customised to appear damaged, insane or deranged, though are more like ‘quirks’ of the Asylum than commonly seen soldiers.

Custom Damaged Classic/New Series Hybrid Commander Dalek

A great advantage of making Asylum Daleks is the creative variety, as I have mentioned many times throughout this series. But this custom is perhaps the pinnacle of the principle of being creative with Dalek parts. Keen-eyed readers may notice that this Dalek is mismatched, sporting a 1960s era body but with a 2000s era base and dome. Interestingly, this Dalek custom is not entirely mine. To clarify, I did the paint job, attached the appendages and also added the ear lights, which are LEDs. However, I did not create the original damaged custom. It is in fact a custom created by none other than popular Youtuber CaptainJimiPie himself, who is famous among the Dalek customising community for his prominent Youtube videos showcasing custom Daleks, as well as his How-to videos and his live workshop episodes. I acquired this Dalek via eBay, and it is not the only CaptainJimiPie custom that I own. However, like the other Daleks that I have from the Asylum Daleks custom figure showcase, by the time I acquired the figure that paint job was largely unrecognisable.

Formerly a Dalek Saucer Commander in the early days of the Time War, this Dalek was condemned to the Asylum for failing to fully utilise smaller Dalek Saucers as disposable assets, according to its immediate superior. Unfortunately, this Dalek has since been destroyed, and its remains have sat in the Asylum for centuries.

Custom Destroyed Dalek Remains

One problem that can often arise when doing various elaborate Dalek customs is that various parts will accumulate over time, with nothing that can really be done with them. This is especially true of detached domes, as many of the Dalek customs in the collection involve Daleks that have been destroyed, meaning that the dome and often the entire upper section is missing. This custom was therefore created to use some of these spare parts in a creative way, and represents a mass of destroyed Daleks that have collected in the Asylum during the centuries. This is essentially a mass of spare parts, hot glue and Dalek mutants made of tissue paper, green paint and computer wires.

Infighting between the Daleks leads to several firefight hot-spots within the Asylum, leading to wreckage piling up quickly, and surviving Dalek mutants scramble over the remains to throttle each other or escape to fight another day.

Custom Destroyed Dalek Controller

One aspect of the Dalek Asylum that fascinates me is how it is run – in Asylum of the Daleks, it is mentioned that the Asylum is fully automated, however I believe that may not have always been the case, particularly if you take into account the fact that the Dalek Asylum existed for a very long time. It seems odd that the Daleks would entrust the command of their most dangerous prison world to mere AI, and I believe that the Asylum may have once been overseen by Daleks – but they all went insane, just like the inmates that they were assigned to guard. This custom represents a Supreme Dalek that may have once held position of Overseer of the planet, but now resides as a derelict husk somewhere near the centre of the Asylum. It was created using a broken Supreme Dalek figure that I spray painted silver and painted the detailing using bronze and blue Citadel paints. The external additions were added using hot glue, and the dome dangles off using wires that are attached using hot glue.

This Controller once held the position of Supreme Dalek in the Asylum, though over time eventually the inmates began to quite literally run the madhouse as this Dalek succumbed to insanity. This convinced the Daleks to start using AI to run the Asylum facilities, leaving simply Dalek crews aboard to run operations.

Custom Damaged Dalek Overseer

Furthering my assumption that individual Daleks were once responsible for the running of the Asylum, I concluded that there must have been a grand overseer who coordinated the facilities of the planet before eventually going insane and joining the inmates, and this custom was created to depict that insane ‘Overseer Dalek’. The base of this custom is a mutant reveal Dalek, although the front panel has been cut in half and positioned on the casing using hot glue to resemble the opening method that Dalek casings use in the New Series. This custom was originally a Series 4 Insane Dalek Caan custom, although I added extensive modifications to it including a black dome with added Paradigm Dalek neckpiece, the green coat of paint on the mutant, and the black hemispheres.

If the insanity of the former Supreme Dalek was the beginning of the end for the Dalek crews in the Asylum, then the fall of the Overseer was the final nail in the coffin. This Dalek used to run all the security in the Asylum, until his insanity triggered by watching the surveillance camera footage all day led to the Daleks pulling the few remaining sane Dalek crewmembers out of the Asylum and leaving the facility to by run entirely by AI.

Custom Parallel Universe Damaged Dalek Sec with Genesis Ark and Cybermen

The idea behind this custom was always a strange one – what if the Dalek Asylum also contained Daleks from other universes? This custom represents an alternate version of the Battle of Canary Wharf in which Dalek Sec lost the battle totally, being cast into the void by the Cybermen in the remains of the Genesis Ark. I created this custom using a Dalek Sec figure that I encased in the remains of a Genesis Ark that I cut up using a hacksaw. The Genesis Ark was rebuilt around the Dalek using hot glue and wires, and the entire custom was painted using silver Citadel paints. The Dalek figure itself was given a silver ‘straight-jacket’ appearance. The Cybermen that surround this custom are an optional extra, though each one is a custom Cyberman in itself – I will eventually upload a blog post detailing my custom Cyberman collection for a closer look at these.

Having fallen to Skaro in a fireball, this Dalek and what remained of the device that surrounded it was condemned to the Asylum after claiming to be none other than Dalek Sec, and against all odds the Cyber-technology that was hidden inside this damaged Dalek has begun to interfere with Asylum systems en-masse…

Custom Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part V

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts designed to showcase custom Dalek Asylum inmates that I have created, including Classic Daleks in the Asylum. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. These Daleks are all strongly linked to several classic Dalek stories, building on the Classic Daleks that we see in the TV story Asylum of the Daleks. Part V of the Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Classic Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear damaged, insane or deranged.

Classic Series Dalek stories are all fun in their own way, and although I can definitely group them into tiers based on quality and my own personal opinion of them, there are no classic Dalek stories that I outright despise – even Destiny of the Daleks, my least favourite, has some strong redeeming qualities as a story. As such, I chose to make my Classic Series customs as diverse as possible, and I particularly focused on Classic Daleks that had not appeared in Asylum of the Daleks. However, the customs presented here in this post are all sourced from some of my all-time favourite Classic Series Dalek stories, and as such they are among my personal favourites of my Classic Series Asylum customs.

Custom Spiridon Survivor Dalek

This Dalek was created to resemble a damaged Dalek from Planet of the Daleks, though unlike many of my other customs based on this story, this Dalek lacks the characteristic ‘jungle’ decor that is present among other Spiridon customs as it is supposed to depict one of the Daleks that is trapped inside the bacteria room during the events of the episode. Spoilers, by the way, for an episode that aired in 1973. During Planet of the Daleks, the brave Spiridon native Weston sacrifices himself to prevent the Daleks from using a virus to destroy all life on the planet by releasing the bacteria into a single room that is then sealed forever with two Daleks trapped inside. This custom therefore only required a light wash of a few shades of grey Citadel paint. However, the striking look of this custom is due to a small detail of a layer of silver dry-brushing that I added over the top using a battered old brush.

After spending centuries trapped in an empty room with a rotting tank-full of bacteria, the skeleton of a Spiridon native and the remains of his former roommate, this Dalek had gone quite insane – by the time the Daleks finally returned to recover their frozen army, this Dalek was flung into the Asylum, in which it promptly found a small empty room to sit in.

Custom Weathered Vulcan Survivor Dalek

Although the original visuals are lost, the animated version of The Power of the Daleks that was released in 2013 have ensured that many fans can now enjoy this story in an accessible way that closely approximates the original viewing experience. This custom was created to resemble the animated Daleks specifically, as I found the contrast between the silver and blue in the colourised version of the animated episodes quite striking. This Dalek was originally an Emperor’s Guard Dalek, though I have repainted the dome, slats and hemispheres since then, and the entire figure has been given a black wash to add to the battered look. This Dalek also features a bright red Asylum stamp on the dome, which I added using red permanent marker.

Following the destruction of the Human colony on Vulcan, the few Dalek survivors called for help, only to be condemned to the Asylum. Mutants from critically damaged Vulcan-built casings were moved to newer casings and send to intensive care, whilst this drone was simply left to languish in the facility’s atrium.

Custom Time War Special Weapons Dalek

This Dalek is of course based on the Special Weapons Dalek seen in the 1988 story Remembrance of the Daleks, albeit with a Time War twist. This Dalek was originally a Remembrance Special Weapons Dalek that I have since painted with several coats of bronze paint with various shades to distinguish between the different sections. The cannon itself is slightly damaged, to give the impression that the Special Weapons Dalek has been firing its weapon a lot. The base came from a Davros figure, and it fit perfectly due to the newer sculpt of New Series Daleks matching that of Classic Series Daleks. This figure was very fun to make, and although it is not the only custom Special Weapons Dalek in my collection, it is by far one of the best additions to my Asylum collection.

A last-ditch effort to gain the upper hand in the Time War involved the resurrection of Davros’ long-dead Special Weapons Dalek project, which led to the creation of several of these in the Time War design. This particular specimen was sent to the Asylum after extended combat led to radiation leakage from its primary cannon sending the mutant insane.

Star Wars Empire at War Mod Review – Thrawn's Revenge

Welcome to this Star Wars Empire at War mod review, this post will cover the Thrawn’s Revenge mod for Star Wars Empire of War: Forces of Corruption, created by Corey Loses. To say that this mod is an overhaul of Star Wars: Empire at War is an understatement. This mod is nothing short than a complete re-imagining of the core mechanics of the game that not only expands on the original idea but improves it in almost every conceivable way.

To break down exactly why Thrawn’s Revenge (also known as Imperial Civil War) is such a fantastic mod, we need to explore some key elements to this project that make it worthy of a mod review here on Sacred Icon.

The Galaxy Far, Far Away

One of Empire at War’s biggest drawbacks was the underwhelming nature of the Galaxy map. Considering the fact that Empire at War is a layered game with both space and ground combat battles coordinated by a greater map screen that depicts the Star Wars galaxy, the layout was uninspired and cramped. Thrawn’s Revenge completely overhauls this by accurately recreating the Star Wars Galaxy from various Legends sources, and the mod adds hundreds of new planets, asteroid fields and other systems that can be fought over in the game. To account for this huge Galaxy, there are also multiple new factions in the game.

Control New Factions

If the mod’s two titles ‘Thrawn’s Revenge’ and ‘Imperial Civil War’ don’t give it away, this mod is set during the post-Endor era in the Star Wars Legends continuity, meaning that Emperor Palpatine is dead (for now) and the Empire has splintered into multiple warring factions. In total, the number of factions in this game varies dramatically depending on what mode you play, and there are lots of new non-playable factions that populate the updated, larger Galaxy. Playable factions include the standard Empire, the New Republic (formerly the Rebel Alliance), the Pentastar Alignment, the Greater Maldrood, Zsinj’s Empire, the Corporate Sector Authority, the Eriadu Authority and the Empire of the Hand. Needless to say, that’s a lot of Imperial splinter factions, and each one is represented by its own colour and distinctive sector of space.

However, there is a lot more distinguishing these factions than just their colour. Each former Imperial faction has its own set of specific ships and units, and with that come specific strengths and weaknesses. The Greater Maldrood, for example, lacks a large starting territory but specializes in heavy-hitting capital ships with lots of firepower. Conversely, Zsinj’s Empire starts off with a fairly large territory – as well as a Super Star Destroyer – but must rely on inferior frigates, even ex-Rebel ships, to maintain its dwindling fleet. This highlights one of the greatest strengths of the Thrawn’s Revenge mod, and that is that it encourages players to use the various tactics and strategies of their chosen faction in order to succeed. The New Republic relies on starfighters and hit-and-run tactics at first as it lacks sufficient capital ships, whilst the Imperial Remnant must cede territory and fortify a specific area otherwise it will be carved up by the greedy warlord factions.

Whichever faction you play as, you will have unique units and heroes to try out, and each faction has a different difficulty rating as some control vast swathes of space whilst others are tiny juntas holding out against the New Republic and Imperial Remnant. The huge swathe of new units and heroes added to the game make each and every faction feel unique and learning the best way to play each one is an interesting process that can make for hours of fun. Specific highlights include the Quasar Fire carrier for the New Republic, an early and somewhat costly frigate that comes loaded with starfighters, the Boarding Shuttle, which lets opportunistic New Republic players capture Star Destroyers. Add to that the huge range of new types of Star Destroyer available in this game and there is a diverse array of fleets to see here, and this is barely the tip of the iceberg.

Build the New Republic

With Palpatine dead, the Rebel Alliance has formed the New Republic and entrenched themselves in various systems across the Galaxy. One of the best things about the Thrawn’s Revenge mod is the era progression, which allows you to start out as the New Republic in its early years and claw your way to power with just a handful of systems, or start out in later eras in which the New Republic is already an established power.

If you do choose to play as the New Republic in a later era, you will see a rare example of post-Return of the Jedi Star Wars Legends content rendered in painstaking detail with high-quality custom models, including the elusive E-Wing – the replacement for the X-Wing, the Nebula-class Star Destroyer of the New Republic, and the MC80B and MC90 Mon Calamari Star Cruisers. There are also a huge array of old Clone Wars ships up for grabs in this game, as several factions rely on older warships from old Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer to former Separatist Munificent-class frigates to prop up their navies. All of these models look fantastic, and the mod itself can run surprisingly well on lower-end computers despite the extensive graphical upgrades.

Hold Out as the Imperial Remnant

Palpatine may be dead, but the Empire lives on. In Thrawn’s Revenge, you can turn the tide against the New Republic by playing as the Empire and attempt to wrestle control back from the fledgling government whilst also quelling multiple treasonous Imperial splinter factions. Like the New Republic, the Empire is capable of era-progression, and as you play through a game the era will advance when a particular goal has been achieved or enough time has elapsed. This means that the Empire can progress from old Star Destroyers to brand new ships, and over time your fleet will evolve and adapt to combat the New Republic tactics.

You can also control the infamous Grand Admiral Thrawn himself, who will aid both the Empire and the Empire of the Hand depending on the era and gamemode. Thrawn is one of the many unique Imperial heroes included in the mod, including some who have their own powerful ships and abilities. A great mechanic to take advantage of when playing as the Empire is that as you progress through the eras your cast of heroes is radically shaken up, so you can afford to expend minor heroes early on as they are gradually replaced as time goes by. Even the great strategist Thrawn himself, is not immune to this mechanic, though rumors of his death in the early-game are greatly exaggerated…

Conquer the Galaxy

One of the best things about the Thrawn’s Revenge mod is its flexibility – there are so many playable factions that you can play out your own alternate version of the events post-Return of the Jedi, and depending on who you play as there can be some interesting results. You can control on Imperial faction that would usually occupy a tiny corner of the Galaxy and make a push for the Core. Alternatively, you can play as a difficult faction like the Greater Maldrood and subvert key trade routes to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and secure a foothold.

New mechanics added to the game allow for some interesting influence over the Galaxy, from the Galactic elections that, depending on the victor, can influence what ships you can build, or the newly-added boarding shuttle system, which allows the New Republic to capture capital ships of various kinds and build a ragtag fleet of stolen ships to combat enemy invasions. Hours of fun doesn’t quite cut it with this mod for Empire at War – you can sink days into week-long campaigns and find that you have hardly even started.

Download Thrawn’s Revenge

If you’re a fan of Empire at War or even just a fan of Star Wars in general, it is essential that you give the Thrawn’s Revenge mod a go. You can download it now for free from Steam, all you need is a copy of Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack (which includes the Forces of Corruption DLC) and a Steam account.

Custom Destroyed New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part V

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a new blog post series dedicated to showcasing my custom Dalek Asylum figures. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. Many of the Asylum Daleks in this blog post have sustained critical damage, and several of them have many parts missing. I usually accomplish this using a small hand-held hacksaw, designed for cutting small pipes as a plumber’s tool. This comes in extremely handy as it cuts through Character Options plastic like a hot knife through butter, and it leaves very clean cuts that need minimal sanding.

Part V of the Destroyed New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Time War Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Although many of these figures are ‘destroyed’ Daleks, it is not necessarily true that all of these customs depict dead Daleks – some are insane mutants still living in the battered remains of their casings. I made it my mission to explore ideas and concepts that would have made interesting additions to the TV story Asylum of the Daleks, and I believe that some of the best examples of this are shown below.

Custom Headless Restrained Dalek

This Dalek is among the first customs that I created using heavy-duty tools and although this is not the most elaborate custom in my collection I am still very proud of how it looks nearly five years later. I have made only minor modifications to this figure in that time, mostly touch-ups to the paint and occasionaly re-attaching parts that had a tendency to break off, which I view as a testament to the robust nature of the construction. I used a hacksaw to cut the to off of this Dalek, and the insides were filled with tissue paper, wires and pieces of plastic to give it a damaged, chaotic look. The insides were painted green and pink, and wires were attached to the outside of the casing to give the impression than an external mechanism was keeping the Dalek alive.

Though this Dalek was once in the intensive care ward, it has since been discharged due to an influx of inmates. The remains of this Dalek casing sit in some squalid corner deep within the Asylum’s hospital facilities, still sporting its external life support enhancers, plotting revenge.

Custom Eyestalk-less Dalek

Some Dalek customs can be as simple as a few coats of paint and a dislocated dome, as seen with this custom that was created with minimal difficulty using a simple bronze Time War Dalek figure. As this was a remote control Dalek, the inner mechanism had to be broken in order to dislocate the head without causing so much damage that it snaps off – the head can still turn, with effort, although I have used hot glue to keep the wires in check which has a tendency to jam the mechanism. The entire figure was painted using grey and black Citadel paints, and the wires sticking out of the side are from inside the figure itself.

Despite taking several glancing shots to the head from a fellow inmate, this Dalek did not explode in characteristic fashion – instead, the external systems blew downwards, lacerating the mutant inside and completely gutting this Dalek’s internal systems while leaving the outer casing intact.

Custom Scavenged Dalek Casing 1

The existence of the previously mentioned Splicers in Part IV of my New Series Dalek Asylum Customs post meant that several of their victims would need to be depicted – this was a simple process, as any damaged or destroyed Dalek in the Asylum could pass for Splicer victims – but I created a few with the specific intention of resembling Daleks that have been scavenged for parts by the vicious pseudo-faction and left to rot in the Asylum. This custom was created using a damaged Dalek Thay figure and a hacksaw, and the casing was painted black with silver detailing. The mass inside the casing is tissue paper glued down and painted black, and I used hot glue to secure the upper part of the casing to the lower section in order to give the impression that this Dalek’s casing collapsed after its structural integrity was weakened.

A victim of the Splicer Daleks, this former scientist is barely alive after losing the front section of its casing, its mobility systems, and its weapons. It is alive, however, and the mutant is not sitting idle. As a scientist, it is perfectly capable of thinking around problems – even when the circumstances look as dire as this.

Custom Scavenged Dalek Casing 2

Another potential victim of the Splicers is this Dalek – arguably one of my most elaborate customs since, ironically, the Splicer Commander himself – this custom is not a single Dalek but is in fact a mass of spare parts held together by an internal skeleton of wires and plastic framework, all held together with hot glue. The insides are old computer parts, and a variety of Dalek parts were added over that, including the missing panels from a damaged Dalek Thay and several leftover spheres, a spare front panel, and a spare dome. All of these are held in place with hot glue. The entire figure was then spray painted black and dry-brushed with silver to give the Dalek a consistent appearance. Due to the sheer amount of hot glue used, this Dalek – although seemingly fragile – is as hard as a rock, and is one of the heaviest Daleks in my collection despite the supposed loss of material it is depicted as having suffered.

This victim of the Splicer Daleks was killed in combat, and its vital materials were harvested by a rogue band of the insane scavengers. With most of the external casing removed and several key systems taken including the weapons and eyestalk, what remains of this casing is useless to all but the spiders.

Custom Defabricated Dalek Commander

This custom was created to visually resemble the Dalek that Captain Jack destroys inside the TARDIS in The Parting of the Ways, the finale of Series 1. However, the base figure is that of a Time War Dalek commander, not a simple drone. As such, it bears more resemblance to the remains of Dalek X from the excellent Tenth Doctor era novel Prisoner of the Daleks. I created this custom by sawing off the top section of the Dalek casing (from the neck upwards) and removing the front panel. I then filled the gap inside with a variety of pieces of plastic, hot glue and paper to form the mass that would become the dead mutant. The upper part was created using the remnants of the mechanism inside the dome and several pieces from a Warhammer set, as well as wiring. Beneath the mutant I attached the plunger and another piece of plastic to represent the remains of the gunstick housing. Lastly, I painted the mutant green and added some pink flesh near the front to keep it in line with the design of the New Series Dalek mutant at the time.

Having suffered considerable damage at the hands of the Doctor in a battle on a distant planet, this Dalek Commander was retrieved by his own kind during the Time War – but instead of returning to duty, he was flung into the Asylum for his failure. Now festering in a dark pit of hatred and bloodlust, feeding on whatever scraps congeal in the recesses of the Asylum, this mutant grows stronger by the day…

Custom New Series Paradigm Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part II

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts showcasing my custom Dalek Asylum inmates collection, including Paradigm Daleks in the Asylum. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. Although many despised the Paradigm Daleks upon their initial reveal, in the years since I have found that the Paradigm Daleks are actually among the most fun Daleks to customise, both painting-wise and hand-tool DIY-wise. They have less fiddly bits than the Classic Series Daleks or Time War Daleks, and because they were mass-produced as a toyline and subsequently hated by most of the fanbase, it is not hard to pick up multiple Paradigm Daleks cheap on eBay.

Although I commend Steven Moffat for trying to do something radically different with the Daleks, and despite the fact that I actually really like the idea of a colour-coded hierarchy for the Daleks, it is undeniable that the Paradigm Daleks were poorly executed and maybe even poorly conceived. They were too much of a deviation from not just the bronze Time War Daleks but the general design silhouette of the Daleks themselves, and they were made of a cheap-looking plastic material on their first appearance making them look like overgrown action figures. Though the design was later altered in none other than Asylum of the Daleks, which gave the Paradigm Daleks less of a hunchbacked appearance and a striking metallic colour scheme, this was too little, too late for many fans. It didn’t help that the Paradigm then never appeared after this, meaning that over their pitiful number of appearance there was never a single episode in which the Paradigm Daleks were the primary villains. Maybe fans would have grown to like them in time had the production team stuck with the design and expanded on the roles more. Unfortunately, we will never know. Part II of the New Series Paradigm Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Paradigm Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear damaged, insane or deranged.

Custom ‘Hermit Crab’ Paradigm Dalek

This custom was fun to make, requiring only the top half of a Paradigm Dalek (something that I have plenty of) and some effective innards for the Dalek to pull off. I call this the ‘hermit crab’ Dalek, as there is no indication that this Dalek is even a Paradigm Dalek mutant – it could just be using a Paradigm Dalek shell for protection. The mutant itself was made using tissue paper, hot glue, pieces of network cable and smaller, bendable model wires. The mutant itself has an eye and two separate brains, made using hot glue and permanent marker.

Having abandoned the remains of its casing decades ago, this Dalek uses what it can to survive in the recesses of the Asylum whilst collecting parts to construct a new casing for itself. If in danger, the Dalek can retreat inside its durable ‘shell’ in order to resist the firepower of weakened inmates as it continues its scavenge.

Custom Damaged Paradigm Shadowmaster

The name ‘Shadowmaster’ may be a bit over-the-top for a Dalek rank, but as Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss ran out of names for the progenitor Daleks and went with ‘Eternal’ for their fifth Dalek, I believe that creativity is key when expanding on the pantheon of Paradigm Daleks. This custom is a simple one relatively speaking, although it did require a complete repaint of a Paradigm Dalek to transform a yellow Eternal Dalek into the black ‘Shadowmaster’. This repaint was done using black and silver Citadel paints and required several coats. Following this, I used the same black Citadel paint to add a light wash to parts of the figure that were not painted over.

This Dalek Shadowmaster was condemned to the Asylum for running simulations depicting the destruction of the Parliament to scare the Prime Minister into relocating to a permanent base. Ironically, the Prime Minister was later killed over Trenzalore in the Parliament by the Doctor, proving the Shadowmaster right.

Custom Destroyed Paradigm Drone Dalek

The blasted remains of this Dalek are meant to resemble something we never got to see on-screen in the series – a Paradigm Dalek Drone that has been destroyed. This custom is unique in that it can be displayed in a variety of modes due to the disconnected top section. The insides of each half are filled with tissue paper, wires and hot glue painted over with a dark green wash to resembles the charred remains of the creature and machine parts inside. Several spheres from the skirt were removed using a hacksaw, and the entire figure was then given a black wash.

Destroyed in a battle near the Asylum’s surface, this Drone now sits among the debris in one of the facility’s many waste disposal systems. Although unable to destroy Paradigm Dalek casings, the Asylum systems have protocols for disposing of these remains – it just takes several millennia.

Custom Ancient Damaged Paradigm Dalek

Due to the temporal nature of the Daleks, I had the idea to create several Paradigm Dalek customs to resemble Daleks that had been abandoned in the Asylum for centuries, having been placed there far back in time. Despite the fact that they looked like plastic in Victory of the Daleks, the Paradigm Daleks are made of metal, so I created this custom to resemble a Dalek that had lost its paint job after centuries of abandonment and has since began to rust. I did this using a combination of silver and bronze Citadel paints, and this required several coats.

One of the first Daleks to emerge from the Progentior after escaping 1940’s Earth, this Dalek was another Strategist to facilitate the new Dalek temporal schemes. However, when faced with the task of re-ordering the Dalek timeline, this Dalek went insane and was condemned to the Asylum.

Custom Paradigm Scientist Krynoid-Dalek

The rank of Paradigm Dalek that was arguably least explored in the show is the Scientist Dalek, which unlike all four of its peers was never seen again on-screen after its initial appearance in Victory of the Daleks. This is a shame, as the Scientist rank was an interesting concept and could have led to some really interesting stories if the show focused more on scientific nature of the Daleks. The Classic Series and Big Finish do this with several Dalek stories featuring individual Daleks that are stated to be scientists in stories like Planet of the Daleks and A Thing of Guile, and it opens more ideas for things to do with the Daleks other than having them stand in for Stormtroopers. This custom was created using a regular Scientist Dalek that I added light dark washes to using black paint. The green goo on the side was created using papier-mâché that I then painted over using green Citadel paint and red permanent marker.

After a terrible experiment involving a vicious form of plant life went wrong, this Dalek has become the fleshy source of nutrients for this bloated juvenile Krynoid. Although still alive, the Dalek is incapable of movement as the Krynoid’s toxins prevent any form of psychokinetic motion, cutting the mutant off from its casing.