Custom Destroyed New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part III

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of blog posts showcasing my custom Dalek Asylum inmates collection. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. Destroying New Series Daleks is fun, but only half the fun of making a destroyed Dalek custom. Although these Daleks look ‘destroyed’, in many ways they are far more intricately constructed in their current state than they ever were when they were intact figures. That isn’t a dig at Character Options, the company who make the Dalek toys, as if anything the simple yet effective design and basic method of construction lends very well for a small toy of this type. What must be made clear, however, is that there is much more to making a destroyed Dalek custom than just cutting bits off the Dalek.

Some Dalek customisers, particularly those who make their customs specifically to sell on eBay, turn to quick methods to get quick results, often resorting to blow torches or even smashing the Daleks to make them appear destroyed. Though these methods can have their very niche uses for setting up a good destroyed Dalek custom, there is far more work that needs to be done before a Dalek figure can resemble, even remotely, what a destroyed Dalek would actually look like. Intricate modelling, painting and tweaking is needed to get a realistic effect.

Part III of the Destroyed New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Time War Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Many of these Daleks were created using Daleks that I acquired from eBay bundles. The most common type of Dalek one usually encounters in these bundles is eyestalk-less, appendage-less bronze Daleks, sometimes the Damaged Dalek Thay variety, and as these are only really good for creating destroyed Dalek customs, there are plenty of these in the collection.

Custom Destroyed Dalek Thay

This custom was created to resemble what remains of Dalek Thay after his climactic battle with the Human-Dalek hybrids in 1930s New York, based on the appearance seen in Evolution of the Daleks. This story gives no indication of what happened to Dalek Thay’s remains (or the remains of his compatriot, Dalek Jast) so this custom is included in this collection to explore the idea that Dalek Thay’s destroyed casing was eventually transferred to the Asylum. This custom was made using a standard damaged Dalek Thay figure with the top part cut off with a hacksaw. The inner parts were made using a combination of tissue paper and wood glue, and the large circular plastic piece came from the inner mechanisms of an old CD player. The dirty effect on the shoulder section and the skirt was done with a heavy wash of black Citadel paint.

The Daleks that are transported to the Asylum are not always alive. This was certainly true of the unfortunate case of Dalek Thay, whose remains were transported to the Asylum, only to be dumped due to their status as dead metal. The casing was melted down and used for alloys to repair the Asylum.

Custom Destroyed Dalek Jast

As previously mentioned, Dalek Jast’s remains were also inexplicably left behind at the end of Evolution of the Daleks and this custom depicts his blasted remains. It is ultimately a great shame that Daleks Thay and Jast were killed off at the end of the New York Dalek two-parter, as it prevented their characters from being developed any further. What makes this particularly impactful on Dalek Jast as a character is that, of all the members of the Cult of Skaro, Dalek Jast seems to be the most irrelevant. All three other members of the Cult get some time in the spotlight, be it Dalek Thay declaring war on the Cybermen, Dalek Sec becoming a Hybrid or Dalek Caan acting as a crazy giggling prophet, but Dalek Jast gets no such focus.

Like Dalek Thay, Dalek Jast’s remains were transported to the Asylum. The remains of this casing were also consumed by the furnaces deep within the Asylum, and the material was later used to repair other parts of the Asylum.

Custom Destroyed Dalek Shell

This Dalek was created using a complicated method of cuts and twists, using both the hacksaw and a wire cutter. The idea was to give the impression that the Dalek mutant inside had cut its way out, and the remains of this casing stand as a monument to its tenacity. This custom was created using a standard Dalek figure as the base, and the detailing was done using green, brown, red and bronze Citadel paint. Ultimately, this Dalek is one of the most intricate customs in the Destroyed Dalek collection.

This Dalek was damaged during infighting within the Asylum, and the mutant inside has long since escaped. The casing now sits in a dark corner of the Asylum, having been pushed there by other insane inmates and it now sits in obscurity alongside piles of junk.

Custom Destroyed Dalek Commander

I originally created this custom to resemble the destroyed Dalek in I.M. Foreman’s junkyard during Part One of Remembrance of the Daleks. This Dalek was created by cutting the top half off of a Dalek Sec figure, and painting the base (excluding the spheres) a dull grey. The fleshy pieces of the remains of the Dalek were painted using green Citadel paint, and the remaining pieces of Dalek were held in place using hot glue that was later painted over with grey paint.

All Dalek casualties within the Asylum are eventually gathered up, even if it takes millenia. This destroyed Dalek Commander had sat in the Asylum for centuries before the repair drones took notice of it, though several scavengers have taken pieces from it in the meantime.

Custom Battle of Arcadia Casualty Dalek

During the Battle of Arcadia sequence in the 50th Anniversary Special, the War Doctor destroys a group of Daleks by physically smashing into them with the TARDIS, a method that has not been seen before but is totally characteristic of that particular incarnation. This custom was created by cutting a regular Dalek model in half with a hacksaw, and filling the empty section of each piece with tissue paper, hot glue and black paint. In fact, the entire figure was given a black wash. The two pieces can be held together with a piece of metal wire, or sit independently of each other.

Despite being a casualty of the Time War, the remains of this Dalek were later transferred to the Asylum due to it containing essential data that would be a critical blow to the Daleks should it fall into the hands of the Time Lords. Nonetheless, the nature of this Daleks’ destruction still baffles Dalek Scientists.

Custom Destroyed Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part III

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts showcasing my collection of custom Dalek Asylum inmates, including Classic Daleks in the Asylum, many of which were immobile or destroyed. A fascinating thing about the Classic Series Dalek designs is that, despite the diverse variety in colour schemes and base designs, particularly when appearing alongside New Series Daleks, not a single one looks out of place. The figures in this collection are usually displayed as a unit, and it is striking how well each and every individual Dalek design looks when they are all massed together. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection.

Part III of the Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Classic Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Customising Classic Daleks is always a joy, and there are many Classic Daleks out there to be claimed – if you know where to look. Although I have tried my absolute best to ensure that as few Daleks end up in landfill as possible, the quest cannot end when I eventually stop collecting Daleks for customs. Not only are Dalek figures made of plastic, and would cause serious damage to the environment should they simply be thrown away, means that anyone with broken or unwanted Dalek figures should do their best to ensure that it ends up in the right hands.

These classic Daleks make up my collection of Asylum customs, so although many of them are missing most of the essential appendages, they live on as pieces of art, part of a collection that gives them purpose. Some of these Daleks are among the most interesting Daleks in the entire collection, and that is not just because they happen to be Classic Daleks.

Custom Dead Emperor’s Guard Dalek

This is a lot of justification for Emperor’s Guard Daleks being featured in the Asylum, as they are likely the Daleks that would have overheard many of the Emperor’s vile plans. As we know from the Big Finish audios, the Emperor is not above using other life forms for his schemes, plotting to utilise viruses and other diseases, and altering countless timelines. It would make sense that the Daleks that bear witness to this kind of development are more likely to end up in the Asylum. This Dalek was created using a standard Emperor’s Guard Dalek from the reliable Dalek Collector Set #2. The eyestalk, blaster and plunger were removed when I received this figure, though I have managed to replace the manipulator with a simple silver stick. The entire figure was given a grey wash to add to the grimy, Asylum effect.

Not all of the Emperor’s Guard went on to have illustrious positions as members of the Supreme Council – several ended up languishing in the Asylum for elaborating upon what they had witnessed during the Emperor’s many meetings. Even before the Time War, the Emperor had many dealings that sent several of his guard insane.

Custom Destroyed Necros/Lethe Dalek

Although the Necros Daleks are few in number in the TV story Revelation of the Daleks, the Big Finish audios have shown us that Davros made several attempts to create Imperial Daleks, including his soldiers that accompanied him on Lethe, who were themselves Necros survivors. This custom was created to resemble one of Davros’ Daleks from this era, either Necros or Lethe, who was picked up by the Asylum and later destroyed. The Dalek figure itself was originally a Gold Dalek from Day of the Daleks, once again featuring as part of the good old Dalek Collectors Set #2. The top half of this Dalek was cut off with a hacksaw and hot glue was used to hold pieces and plastic and part of the neck section of the Dalek in place to form the damaged wreckage at the top. The white paint was applied over a black spray-painted base, and gold paint was added for the detailing.

Abducted and placed in the Asylum for serving Davros, this Necros-style Dalek was created on Lethe and aided Davros during his Juggernauts project. However, it was later destroyed by other Daleks in the Asylum, and its remains lie as an enduring relic of the hubris of Davros’ plans.

Custom Destroyed Earth Invasion Dalek

Many customs are made with the base Dalek in mind, and this can definitely be said of this custom. However, this was not always a destroyed Dalek custom, though the top half of this Dalek had to be sacrificed to provide essential parts for another. What remains is essentially a destroyed Dalek custom from the invasion of Earth era, and this 1960s design looks excellent even with the head removed. It is always a privilege to customise Classic Daleks in any significant way, as it is fascinating to explore different ideas with this enduring design. This figure was designed with those philosophies in mind, and this Dalek was created to resemble the effect that was used for destroyed Daleks in the show at this time. The top half of the Dalek was cut off using a hacksaw and the entire figure was spray painted black, then dry-brushed with silver. The spheres were coloured blue using Pro-Marker.

Hit by a stray blast and left to rot in the Asylum, this Dalek was a front-line soldier during the Dalek’s conquest of Earth, though it has spent far more time in the Asylum as one of many empty shells as a result of Dalek infighting. Ironically, this Dalek might have survived the invasion of Earth – but it certainly did not survive its short time in the Asylum.

Custom Destroyed Skaro Dalek

Sometimes you can receive a Dalek figure that is so broken that custom options are limited. However, other times you can receive a Dalek figure that is so broken that custom options become available that would have otherwise never have presented themselves. That was certainly the case with this Dalek custom, which uses a rare Skaro model Dalek as the base, though this is actually a more common Dalek Saucer Pilot figure from the Dalek Collectors Set #2 with the base removed, the skirt repainted, and the dome painted silver. However, upon receiving this figure, I realised that the entire model was rusted. Every screw was brown and flaky, and the internal head rotation structure was ruined. However, I was able to save this figure by replacing the rotating head with a hinge, replicating the opening dome method used in the early Classic Series. The tentacles on the skirt were created using old computer parts, and this figure has had over a dozen washes of various colours of paint, ranging from black to grey to green.

Many of the experiments that Davros cast out of the Kaled Scientific Bunker survived for thousands of years, and later Skaro Daleks would fall prey to his foul devices. This Dalek was sent to Asylum after an encounter with one of the creatures of Davros, and it has since filled the nearby chambers of the Asylum with its screams.

Custom New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part III

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts containing galleries that showcase my collection of custom Dalek Asylum inmates. Since the majority of the Daleks seen in Asylum of the Daleks are New Series Daleks, it makes sense that the majority of the figures in the collection are too. The story of the New Series Dalek design is fascinating, and it covers a fair bit of old Dalek history too, as many of the parts for the first Dalek prop of the revived series came from early Shawcraft props from the 1960s. Overall, the new design does a great job of emphasising the important aspects of the classic Dalek design whilst also bringing new elements that make sense as natural evolutions of the design. The bulkier shoulders, wider base, taller ear lights and more metallic, armoured design match excellently with the recognisable Dalek silhouette.

In keeping with that philosophy, these Daleks have generally been customised in ways that are consistent with Dalek damage seen in the TV episodes.Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. Part III of the New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Time War Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been customised to appear insane and damaged, either as a result of the Time War or their time in the Asylum.

Damaged Dalek Time War Survivor

Not all Dalek customs have to be fancy, and this is a prime example of an easy custom that could be accomplished with simple tools. All that has been done to this Dalek is a light wash, although the base was removed to ensure that the colour didn’t run. Several coats of light grey and black Citadel paint were used for this effect, and the end result was scrubbed with a clean cloth to emphasise the grime in the corners and recesses of the model – this gives the Dalek an aged look.

Several of the Asylum’s insane inmates are restless, and the prowl the corridors of the Asylum day and night to search for prey. As for what they consider prey, anything goes – the local vermin, repair drones, even fellow Daleks. These Daleks are not capable of any kind of stealth, however, as the cacophony that they make when moving around can be heard from entire chambers away.

Custom Damaged Swamp Dalek

This custom was inspired by a story in the news about an old Dalek prop that was found in a swamp in Hampshire, and I created this paint job with the idea of a Dalek that had been abandoned in a swamp in mind. Clearly there are no swamps in the Asylum, as the planet is covered entirely by snow and ice, so this Dalek would have had to have been abandoned in a swamp and then picked up and taken to the Asylum. This custom was originally a Dalek Sec figure, the weathered effect was done with silver dry-brushing and the green detailing was added using Citadel paint.

Having made its way through the vicious jungle-swamps of Spiridon, this Dalek Scout was finally picked up by its brethren – though it was destined for the Asylum due to the years it had spent in the swamp. This Dalek sits in the halls of the Asylum and has done for decades, yet its swampy appearance remains…

Custom Critically Damaged Dalek

This Dalek is a shining example of a ‘creative’ use for a Damaged Dalek Thay figure. For those who don’t know, this variant of Dalek figure was created due to the appearance of a Dalek that is missing three of its back panels in the Series 3 two-parter Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks. This custom was created to resemble a Dalek that had been abandoned mid-repair, or perhaps one that was simply critically damaged and in dire need of repair. Several of the spheres on this Dalek were removed and, using hot glue, I replaced them on the ‘damaged’ back panels. This gives this impression that the Dalek is missing spheres in several locations.

Having lost its offensive capabilities and motion, this Dalek sits patiently waiting repairs. However, the repair drones are focused on upkeeping critical systems, and cannot spare time for individual Dalek medical care. As such, this Dalek has taken desperate measures, having cannibalised nearby parts to keep the lower half of its casing held together.

Custom Pock-Marked Dalek

As mentioned by the representative for the Dalek Parliament in Asylum of the Daleks, not all of the inmates of the Asylum are there for insanity, some are simply damaged, or battle-scarred. This Dalek was likely disabled by local resistance, and rather than send it for repair, its superiors condemned it to the Asylum as punishment for its failure. This custom was created using a standard Dalek – the spheres were removed using a hacksaw, which was also used to cut into the gunboxes. The Asylum stamp was printed on using red paint.

With no firepower or manipulator arm, all this Dalek can do is wait. Though it sits catatonic, it could awaken at a moment’s notice, particularly if there was a suitable Dalek nearby to entrap – though it must wait until it is at full strength, otherwise it would surely be exterminated on sight.

Custom Opened Mutant Dalek

This Dalek was originally a mutant reveal Dalek, though it has been heavily modified. The Dalek itself had to be completely taken apart, as for this custom to succeed the mutant housing had to be modified. I removed the control panel, and separated the mutant from the base so that it is now a removable piece. The front panel was cut in half and the inner mechanisms of the gunboxes were removed, and I used hot glue to position the two pieces of the front panel in the ‘open casing’ position as seen in the New Series. The entire figure was given a black sprant paint (with the mutant removed) and I later gave it several coats of dry-brushing to emulate the weathered, metallic effect.

Not all Daleks that sit idle are waiting for an unsuspecting casing owner to come along – some are simply insane. This former Dalek commander sits with its casing permanently open, judging those around him for hiding in their “battle shells”. Surprisingly enough, his ranting draws absolutely no reaction whatsoever from his compatriots.

Custom Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part II

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts showcasing my collection of custom Dalek Asylum inmates, including Classic Daleks in the Asylum. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. Classic Daleks are cool, and custom Classic Daleks are even cooler. But vandalising rare and beloved Classic Dalek action figures that could have otherwise become the favourite toy of a young Doctor Who fan certainly isn’t cool. Thankfully, the universe aligned in such a way that B&M had a sale on dozens of unsold Dalek Collector’s Set #2 packs in the early 2010s and as such eBay bundles are flooded with broken Classic Dalek toys.

Because there are so many of these figures, and because they sell so cheap, it is easy to amass a collection of many in a short amount of time and eventually you will have enough eyestalks, plungers and gunsticks to have one or two intact Classic Daleks, with many more sporting missing parts and some having no appendages at all. These are the ones that are best used for Asylum customising, however, sometimes intact Classic Daleks are used for the Asylum as well = after all, due to the nature of the props used, many of the Classic Daleks seen in Asylum of the Daleks are intact.

Part II of this Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Classic Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear insane and damaged, sourced from a variety of different eras of the show’s history.

Custom Damaged Genesis-era Dalek

Though they were a common sight in Dalek stories in the Seventies and early Eighties, the generic grey Genesis-era Dalek was a rare sight in the Asylum. As such, there are only a few in the collection, and this is one of only a handful that are intact. This Dalek was customised to appear as if it had seen great conflict, I gave the figure several washes in different shades of grey in order to give it a layered, weathered look. Several of the spheres have been damaged with a hacksaw, and in several places the hacksaw also chipped the sides, adding to the damaged effect. The overall paint job on this Dalek is darker than that of standard Genesis-era Daleks, this is due to the fact that Citadel paints were used to emulate the colour scheme.

A relic of a Dalek conflict from early in its history, this damaged soldier was recovered from one of the first worlds the Daleks ever conquered. Though it usually sits catatonic with other Daleks in the upper chambers, this Dalek has been known to prowl around the corridors at night, muttering to itself about extermination…

Custom Damaged Imperial Dalek

One of my favourite designs of Dalek of all time is the white and gold Imperial Dalek. Remembrance of the Daleks was the first episode of Doctor Who that I remember seeing, and as such this striking colour scheme has been ingrained in my mind since my love of Doctor Who began. Unfortunately, the opportunity to do custom Imperial Daleks is few and far between – as some fans may have already noted, this is not an Imperial Dalek figure, it is in fact a regular Dalek figure painted white and gold, and the ear lights have been replaced with larger plastic computer parts – the severed ends of two capacitors – that have been painted gold. True Imperial Daleks have fewer slats and a distinctive triangular protrusion on the front that I was unable to replicate on this figure. As such, this Dalek represents a transitional period between the Necros Daleks and the standard Imperial Daleks.

One of Davros’ early soldiers from the Dalek Civil War, this Imperial Dalek is caught up in constant firefights in the Asylum with what remains of the Renegade faction. Although the Imperial numbers dwindle, several other Daleks have pledged themselves to the cause, meaning the fighting is likely to continue for many more millennia.

Custom Modified New Skaro Dalek

This distinctive design of Dalek is seen briefly in the Series 9 episode The Witch’s Familiar, during a section that was actually filmed using models. The scene depicts three Daleks in a corridor on Skaro, but one in particular is distinctive as it appears to be a standard 60s Classic Dalek but with a New Series Dalek base. The Dalek in question was actually a remote controlled toy that was used for the model shot, hence the differences – though this isn’t the first time that the production team used remote control Daleks for model shots. This Dalek was customised to resemble the Dalek from that scene, using a Classic Series Dalek but with a New Series base. To add to the Asylum effect, I decided to give this Dalek wires that circle its casing and have embedded themselves where the manipulator arm should be. The gunstick is also restrained, giving the impression that this Dalek is immensely trigger-happy. The entire model was also given a black wash with Citadel paint.

Even among the inmates of the Asylum, there are some Daleks that are too insane to be let loose. This Dalek was sent to the Asylum for the Dalek equivalent of a homicide, and has been trying to destroy Daleks ever since. The mechanisms that were put into place to restrain this Dalek are failing, however, and eventually it will resume its killing spree.

Custom Destroyed New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part II

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series showcasing the updated version of my Dalek Asylum custom figure collection. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection.

Part II of the Destroyed New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover Time War Daleks in my collection that have been modified to resemble the twisted, malformed remains of destroyed inmates in the Dalek Asylum. Dalek mutants are fun to make, but if they’re used too often then they lose their impact. If every destroyed Dalek had an intricate mutant inside, the mutant wouldn’t be special anymore. However, it’s also important to find the middle ground between too many mutants and too few, as it would make sense in the lore of the Dalek Asylum that Dalek mutants would be a common sight. As such, Dalek mutant feature somewhat prominently in this showcase.

Another prominent theme in this showcase is Daleks destroyed by infighting in the Asylum. This will come up often in the ‘lore’ sections of these Dalek custom figure showcases, but in reality the backstories of these Daleks are completely made up by me. Some of them are created to resemble Daleks that are seen in the Asylum in Asylum of the Daleks, but at this point I have more Daleks in my collection than are seen on-screen in that episode. Nonetheless, an explanation has to be given for the number of destroyed Daleks in the Asylum, and Dalek infighting seems to be a logical reason. After all, not only is the Asylum supposed to be populated with insane Daleks, but the Daleks inside are sourced from all points throughout Dalek history, and we know from previous Doctor Who TV episodes and Big Finish audios that Daleks are not always a cohesive Empire. Infighting is a common occurrence between particular Dalek sub-factions.

As such, infighting within the Asylum is a prominent theme across the customs collection. Many of the destroyed Daleks are of the Time War variety, the most common type of Dalek in the Asylum, and likely the most insane due to the horrific nature of the Time War itself. Some of these Daleks, although destroyed, house mutants that are seemingly very much alive, and plotting revenge…

Destroyed Dalek with Mutant

The first custom showcases a Dalek mutant that I created using computer wires, paper, wood glue, hot glue, plastic parts and cardboard. The eye is a dried dot of glue painted over, and the brain was created using wood glue and paper squashed together and traced with lines. The entire mutant was painted green apart from the brain, which is painted purple, and the eye which has silver, blue and green paint. The top of the casing itself was cut off using a hacksack, and the top half of the casing was further cut up and glued back onto the bottom half to form the base in which the mutant sits. The broken eyestalk was created using a piece of a pen held in place with hot glue, and the entire casing was painted bronze and then given a black wash to give it a grimy finish.

A victim of a vicious firefight within the Asylum, this Dalek mutant is determined to survive despite the critical damage done to its casing. Manoeuvring the damaged pieces into protective armour, the mutant emerges from the shell, determined to claim another Dalek casing for its own.

Headless Destroyed Time War Dalek

This custom is a prime example of the ‘basic’ Asylum customs that are numerous in the collection, as although it would be fun for each and every Dalek to feature elaborate alterations or additions, one has to consider the collection when it is viewed as a whole. In the TV story Asylum of the Daleks, many of the Daleks seen feature only minor alterations, and the few that are seen destroyed have very simple damage effects applied to them, usually taking advantage of the modular construction of the Dalek props as has been customary during production of Doctor Who for many years. As such, the destroyed Daleks seen are often missing anything from the head to the entire top section, and this Dalek was created to exemplify this. The insides were created using cardboard, plastic and hot glue, then painted with black Citadel paint. The entire model was then given a black wash, particularly around the top and the spheres on the skirt.

Some Daleks in the Asylum are unfortunate enough to be a victim of ‘friendly fire’ – this Dalek was part of a band of more lucid Dalek inmates who were attempting to find a way out of the facility before they encountered a group of insane Dalek scavengers. In the resulting firefight, this Dalek was accidentally hit by blaster fire from its allies, and the dome of its casing was blasted apart. The mutant inside later died, and this casing stands waiting for an opportunistic Dalek mutant to claim it.

Blasted Time War Dalek

Not all destroyed Dalek customs have to involve significant damage to the casing, after all if every destroyed Dalek figure was similar then there would be nothing exciting about the more interesting ones. This kind of destroyed Dalek custom is very easy to make, all that was done to this Dalek (which was already missing the eyestalk and gunstick when I received it) was a few cuts into the casing with a hacksaw and a black wash with watered-down Citadel paint. Strangely enough, though included in the concept art, there are few Daleks seen in the Asylum with their eyestalks missing, and the few that are tend to be Paradigm Daleks, of all things. However, given the nature of the Time War and the fact that the eyestalk is a known weakness of the Daleks, it seems strange that there are not more eye-less Daleks in the Asylum.

Having been blinded in a battle during the Time War, this Dalek was admitted to the Asylum for its battle-scarred state – the mutant inside had lost the ability to control its casing, blind or not. Regardless, this Dalek now spins and crashes around indiscriminately, screaming perpetually as it lives out its days in the Asylum.

Ambushed Time War Dalek

This custom was originally supposed to be a destroyed Dalek Thay figure, but damage to the back part of the model as well as a more suitable candidate becoming available meant that this custom was condemned to the Asylum. The bronze finish was created by spray-painting the figure black and then using a dry brush and a light application of bronze Citadel paint to complete the look. The top half of the Dalek was torn off using a hacksaw, and the gooey flesh inside was created using tissue, wood glue and green paint. The entire model was then given a black wash and light applications of grey paint to finish it off.

Ambushed by an opposing faction of scavengers and left to rot, this Time War-era Dalek casing stands as a grisly warning to any who dare entire the territory of the Dalek Splicers, a nasty faction who steal the parts from other Daleks to sustain themselves. This unfortunate victim lost several panels as well as the entire upper half of its casing in seconds.

Damaged Mutant Reveal Dalek

The final Dalek in this instalment is one that I am particularly proud of, a damaged Dalek casing that reveals the mutant festering within. This custom came together quite by accident, as after the top half was cut off using a hacksaw and several of the spheres removed, the damaged insides were originally planned to be painted black like some of the other customs in the collection, thus simulating an ashen remains effect. However, the shape of the plastic, tissue and glue insides that I put together, when dry, resembled a claw attached to a tiny creature. As there is precedent for Dalek mutants possessing claws, as seen in Remembrance of the Daleks, it was as if this custom was meant to be. The mutant was painted Citadel paints and Sharpee pens for an added gloss effect, and the entire figure was given several coats of black wash.

Not all the damaged Daleks in the Asylum are inert – several contain very much living specimens of pure Dalek hatred. These mutants will stop at nothing to hijack a new casing and continue their killing sprees. However, this mutant appears to be different. Either due to insanity or as a result of some maniacal plan, this mutant spends its days sat in the ruins of its barely-mobile casing, using a mutated, malformed claw to create indecipherable scratch markings on whatever surface it comes across. As it moves throughout the Asylum, other Daleks seem to avoid it – as if they are terrified of it.

Custom Destroyed Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part II

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts showcasing my collection of custom Dalek Asylum inmates, including custom Classic Daleks. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. Classic Daleks are awesome, especially when they are acknowledged by and appear in the New Series of Doctor Who. Asylum of the Daleks was supposed to be the one and only heyday of Classic Series Daleks in the New Series, but the disappointing lack of appearances coupled with issues on-set with many of the props led to a distinct lack of Classic Dalek action in that story. This need not apply to the Asylum customs collection, however, as over the years I have acquired many broken Classic Dalek figures and putting them to use in the Asylum has been a very rewarding experience. There is something exciting about customising Classic Dalek figures – even though the figures themselves aren’t radically different from the New Series Daleks in terms of design, they are fairly different in construction, particularly the finer points of how the neck section is put together, and this coupled with the obvious draw of Classic Daleks themselves to a Dalek fan makes these customs very fun to make.

Part II of the Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Classic Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Classic Series Daleks can be hard to come by, especially in dry spells between figure releases. Right now the best way to get them cheap is by scouring eBay, although the selection is sparse. Many of these destroyed Daleks were made using broken Classic Series Dalek figures that I acquired as part of a bundle.

Custom Destroyed Blue Skaro Dalek

Although they never appeared in the Asylum itself, it can be assumed that this style of Dalek, seen in the Series 9 opening two-parter The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar, appeared in the Asylum as a cyan version of the Dead Planet Daleks, also seen in Series 9, appear in the Asylum so it makes sense that this version would too. The figure itself started out life as an Emperor’s Guard figure from The Evil of the Daleks, though it has since been heavily modified beyond recognition – the head was removed, and I filled the inside of the neck with cardboard, hot glue and tissue paper, and the base of the shoulder section has been repainted cyan to give it the distinctive look of the Series 9 Classic Series Daleks. Finally, I removed several of the spheres and gave the figure a black wash with several specific details done several times over with black Citadel paint.

Even the most trusted court of Davros are not immune to the sentence of exile to the Asylum, should they demonstrate non-Dalek tendencies. This Dalek was once a member of Davros’ personal guard on Skaro, but was sent to the Asylum for demonstrating genuine care for its creater , going so far as to call Davros “Father.”

Custom Destroyed Earth Invasion Dalek

It is often a challenge to come up with new ideas of things to do with the Dalek Saucer Pilot from the Classic Dalek Collectors Set #2, especially when you get one that is already damaged. One might assume that simply removing the base and making it a classic Dead Planet Dalek custom is a logical solution, although I like to keep the number of Dead Planet Daleks in the Asylum to a minimum in order to preserve the sense of realism. As such, several ‘Earth Invasion’ Daleks are present in the Asylum, such as this one which sports a cyan and silver colour scheme on the shoulder section similar to those seen in the Series 9 two-part Dalek story set on Skaro, yet this Dalek still features the bulky base characteristic of all Invasion-era Daleks.

This damaged Dalek lieutenant has been festering in the Asylum since the Dalek invasion of Earth, and was critically damaged due to Human resistance and thus sent to the darkest depths of the prison planet for repairs. The promised repairs never came, however, as automated drones were far too busy repairing the facility itself. The mutant inside this Dalek casing waits and contemplates revenge…

Custom Destroyed Renegade Dalek

For all its bombastic battles and exploding Daleks, Remembrance of the Daleks features very few instances of destroyed Renegade Daleks. Aside from the destroyed Dalek at Totter’s Lane and a Renegade Dalek that takes a hit in Ratcliffe’s Junkyard and stands idle as a result, there are few visible Rengade casualties that aren’t simply reduced to ash by the Special Weapons Dalek. As such, I was able to go all out for this custom, creating a destroyed grey Dalek that takes inspiration from how destroyed Daleks of the era look but also adding a flair of my own. Believe it or not, this figure started out life as a gold Dalek Supreme from Day of the Daleks, painted to resemble a Renegade Dalek. The top half was cut off with a hacksaw, and the remains of the upper neck section were used to create the new top half which I held together with hot glue and tissue paper. The insides were painted a dull green to represent the dead Dalek mutant and the entire figure was given a black wash.

Though the war itself is long over, Imperial Daleks and Renegade Daleks still fight to the death in the depths of the Asylum. As other insane Daleks cheer them on, the last remnants of a long-forgotten conflict eradicate each other – leaving grim relics like this one to rot in the corridors of the Asylum forevermore.

Custom Destroyed Necros Dalek Mutant

Every once in a while it is fun to go all-out for a destroyed Dalek custom – after all, each one should look unique, and this one in particular was designed with uniqueness in mind. Not only is it one of the few Necros Daleks in the Asylum collection, but this custom also features a distinctive custom Dalek mutant that I made using hot glue, tissue paper, the tentacles from a 12″ Dalek Sec Hybrid figure and plastic wires from an old computer. The figure itself has an interesting history – I bought it pre-customised as part of a damaged and broken Dalek figure eBay lot, and then later discovered that it had appeared on a custom figure showcase video on Youtube, though since then the paint had begun to flake off. I repainted the custom in the Necros colouration and added the mutant on top, as well as several pieces of classic Dalek neck grille around the mutant to complete the effect.

It is unknown if Davros was ever aware of the Dalek Asylum, though several of the Daleks that languish here are the results of his failed experiments. This particular Dalek was captured with Davros by the Dalek Supreme Council and was cast into the Asylum due to their disgust. After its distinctive casing took irreparable damage, the mutant inside attempts to free itself from its casing to find a new home…

Custom New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part II

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new custom figure blog showcases for my custom Dalek Asylum inmates collection. Among the most numerous Daleks in the Asylum are New Series Daleks, which makes sense since these were the model of Dalek that fought in the Time War, a devastating conflict unlike anything the Daleks had ever encountered before, which soon had the previously sparse Asylum overrun with new inmates. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection.

Part I of the New Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Time War Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear damaged and insane, with many being driven to insanity as a result of experiences in the Time War. Overall, the effect of the Time War on the Dalek race as a whole has not been truly explored thus far – Davros makes fleeting references to the outcome of the Time War in the Series 9 episode The Witch’s Familiar, but the Daleks learned very little from the ordeal, which is probably in keeping with their character although it makes for some lacklustre post-Time War Dalek stories that have their edge taken away. Asylum of the Daleks could have explored the idea of the patients suffering in the Asylum as a result of the Doctor’s actions, either during previous adventures or during the Time War, and as such that could have opened an avenue for some interesting character development between the Doctor and the Daleks.

Custom Damaged Time War Survivor Dalek

One of the major points that detractors of Asylum of the Daleks bring up is the fact that having a planet filled with Daleks from various points in their history somewhat devalues the ‘last Daleks in the universe’ idea that had been held over almost every episode of the New Series. From the Metaltron to the Cult of Skaro, the Daleks’ desperate attempts to escape extinction defined them for the best part of a decade, and the introduction of the Asylum was seen by many as a slap in the face to recent Dalek lore. However, if one considers the temporal nature of the Dalek race, it is very possible that the Asylum only came into existence post-Time War, as it is seen to feature Paradigm Dalek and could have been created by the New Dalek Paradigm as a means of cleaning up their timeline. As such, this Dalek was created to resemble a Time War survivor that was, unfortunately, condemned to the Asylum by his brethren despite his miraculous accomplishment. The custom was made using a basic Dalek covered in various coats of bronze and gold paint until an effective ‘rusty’ middle ground was reached. The entire figure was then given a black wash and several spheres were removed. The Dalek also features an Asylum stamp, drawn on with red paint.

One of the few Daleks to survive the Battle of Arcadia, and one of the even fewer that survived the Time War itself, this Dalek was trapped on Gallifrey and turned over to the Dalek Asylum when the Time Lords escaped their pocket universe. This survivor now languishes in the Asylum, attacking anything that comes near…

Custom Rory’s Asylum Dalek

This Dalek was created to resemble the specific Dalek that Rory Williams feels the need to inspect in Asylum of the Daleks. Although the scene is atmospheric, and is arguably one of the only legitimately tense scenes in the entire episode, it makes absolutely no sense that Rory, despite apparently understanding the danger, decides to walk straight up to a catatonic Dalek and start messing about with it. He prods it, shines his torch into the dome, and even turns the head (despite just being able to walk around the Dalek) – and hilariously, it is only when he backs into a loud metal screw on the floor in a cartoon trope way that the Dalek actually wakes up. Anyway, this custom is a light modification of the standard bronze Dalek, featuring a light black wash, several missing spheres cut off with a hacksaw, and damage to the gunbox that was done using wire cutters.

A particularly unremarkable former Time War soldier, this Dalek was catatonic in the Asylum for centuries after being condemned there for the Dalek equivalent of slothfulness. This Dalek slept for centuries until it was awakened by the Doctor’s companion, Rory Williams, during his trip to the Asylum. This Dalek attempted to exterminate Rory, but he escaped with help from an unidentified third party.

Custom Awakened Asylum Dalek

Speaking of the Dalek that Rory examines, the same scene contains several previously catatonic New Series Daleks waking up in response to his bizarre antics – this custom is design to represent one of the ‘dusty’ Daleks present in that scene. Several of them have no physical damage, but simply appear grimy or moth-eaten. This custom was created with that idea in mind, and after multiple coats of black wash as well as some extensive dry-brushing, this Dalek resembles those seen in the main chamber in the episode. I specifically used one of the blank eyestalks from the remote control Daleks for this custom, as it represents a Dalek that is usually catatonic.

Daleks that are low on power or less insane than their counterparts in the Asylum will usually band together, massing in huge chambers and sitting in total silence, catatonic. The infighting that ravages the lower levels of the Asylum rarely reaches the outermost levels, so these Daleks are usually left to sleep in peace.

Custom Dalek Commander Asylum Inmate

Creating damaged Asylum customs generates a lot of room for inspiration and creativity, particularly when it comes to Dalek colour schemes. As the Asylum is huge and encompasses Daleks from all point of their c0llective history, it makes sense that there would be Daleks in the Asylum that we have never seen before. This custom is designed to resemble some form of intermediate Dalek commander, higher in rank than standard Daleks but still subordinate to the Dalek Supreme. This custom was created using a standard Dalek Sec figure as the base, and aside from the red repainted spheres and the silver dry-brushing on the casing, very little else has been done to this figure and it is one of the easiest customs to recreate with just a few paints, a brush and a Dalek figure.

Despite once serving as communications chief to the Dalek Emperor himself, this Dalek was eventually admitted to the Asylum for developing an appreciation for music after listening to intercepted Human radio transmissions. Now in the Asylum, the former Dalek commander finds new ways to create new, radical forms of music with an energy blaster and a toilet plunger, said to be among the most eclectic beats in the known Universe.

Custom Opened Dalek Asylum Inmate

Another avenue for creative expression when customising Asylum Daleks is the diverse variety of idea potential, and this was one of the earliest concepts I had for an Asylum custom. The basic idea of this figure is an Asylum Dalek that got bored of its imprisonment and abandoned its casing for better prospects, essentially leaving the shell as a hollowed-out husk. I created this custom by first taking the Dalek figure apart, separating its front panel into two sections with a hacksaw, and re-assembling the Dalek with the front panel removed. To make the inside of the Dalek more convincing, I included the inner framework of a mutant reveal Dalek (with the mutant removed) when rebuilding the Dalek. The front panels were then re-attached using hot glue and pieces of plastic frame from a Warhammer figure set in the same fashion as opened Dalek casings seen in the New Series. The eyestalk is also fake that I made using pieces of pen and plastic from other Daleks. The entire figure was also given a black wash to give the impression that this casing has been abandoned for many years.

Although rare, some Daleks possess the ability to alter their own biology in order to survive in certain environments. These deviants are usually shunned by their own kind, but this casing once belonged to a particularly adaptive specimen that has since abandoned its immobile prison and is now running amok. Its motives remain unclear – perhaps it is simply insane, or maybe it has a plan to escape the Asylum itself for better prospects elsewhere…