Custom New Series Dalek Figures – Part 2

Whether I’m creating a brand new design or using a colour scheme that someone else created, painting unique colour schemes for New Series Daleks is always exciting, not least because each design I create is completely unique. The best part is that painting New Series Daleks is arguably one of the easiest methods of customising, so anyone can buy paints and brushes to have a go themselves. Not only is painting models relaxing and interesting at the same time, it also expands your creative mind and improves your hand-eye co-ordination. Painting New Series Daleks is always fun, because there is a huge range of colour scheme ideas to choose from, from recreating Classic Series Daleks to making customs of Daleks from the books or audios. However, the Daleks shown here are mostly my own designs, or are very loosely based on existing designs.

Custom Blue Dalek Council Member

Though this design is visually similar to the modified Eternity Circle Dalek, the blue is broken up by more gold – notice that the neck rings and midsection retain their original gold and bronze colour, with only the dome and skirt having been painted blue. This Dalek depicts one of the members of the elusive Dalek Supreme Council, which has been mentioned several times throughout the show’s history in both the TV series and the Big Finish audios but has never been seen. Presumably the Supreme Council lasted until the Time War, so I used a New Series Dalek for this custom. The only paints used were blue Citadel paint for the previously mentioned dome and skirt, and bronze Citadel paint for the base.

Custom Red Dalek Council Member

This custom is unique in that it mismatches parts from two types of Dalek from different eras. The dome, eyestalk and base are from a New Series Dalek, whilst the neck, midsection, skirt and appendages are from a Classic Series Dalek. This custom is loosely based on the ridiculous black and red original Dalek action figure, that looks nothing like a regular Dalek. To give this figure a consistent paint job, I completely repainted all the parts once the figure had been constructed, using red Citadel paint for the dome, midsection and base, black Citadel paint for the neck rings, skirt and hemispheres, and silver Citadel paint for the midsection and the base.

Custom Hive Dalek Supreme

This custom is very loosely based on the ‘Dalek Hive’ from the Doctor Who comic Fire and Brimstone, although it is totally different as this is a New Series Dalek and not the Classic Series-inspired design that the Hive possesses. Nonetheless, the basic colour scheme was inspired by the Hive Supreme and I even attempted to recreate the ‘joined’ ear lights, although the result looks more like an exposed brain – which is excellent. I painted this figure using yellow Citadel paint for the dome, midsection and skirt, black Citadel paint for the neck rings, hemispheres and base, and silver Citadel paint for the midsection slats.

Custom Temporal Weapons Dalek

Those who have read the War Doctor novel Engines of War will recognise the Temporal Weapons Dalek as a unique version of the Special Weapons Dalek that has a weapon capable of erasing people from history. The Dalek features on the front cover of the novel, as a Special Weapons Dalek with a New Series Dalek dome, but I decided to be a bit more creative with my interpretation of that Dalek for this custom. The figure was originally a Dalek Commander, although I have removed the front panel and replaced it with a huge, malformed cannon created using the pieces of a larger remote control Dalek gunstick and several wires from inside the remote control Dalek itself. I painted the figure using silver Citadel paint applied using a dry-brushing effect, and the ear lights were painted a dull burgundy.

Custom Dalek Sec Figures

Dalek Sec is one of the most iconic Daleks in the history of Doctor Who, so here at Sacred Icon we have a lot of customs based on him!

Welcome to this spotlight post all about Dalek Sec, the infamous Black Dalek Commander who served as a recurring antagonist during the Tenth Doctor’s era in 2006 and 2007. This Dalek was the leader of the Cult of Skaro, an elite order of Daleks gifted with abilities beyond that of regular Daleks – they had imaginations, and were designed by the Dalek Emperor to ensure that the Dalek race did not die in the Time War. Unlike his fellow Cult members, Dalek Sec sported a very nice black casing that immediately set this Dalek apart from the others as a unique character in his own right.

Dalek Sec led his fellow Cult members into battle against the Cybermen in the two-part story Army of Ghosts / Doomsday, and would later undergo a transformation into the more pacifistic Dalek Hybrid in the Series 3 two-part story Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks. Described by the Doctor as ‘the cleverest Dalek ever’ after he ultimately saw the futility of the Dalek need for conquest and sacrificed his life to save the Doctor, Dalek Sec goes down as one of the most dynamic Dalek characters in the history of the series, so as a tribute to this great Dalek we are showcasing five Dalek Sec custom figures that form part of the Sacred Icon collection. These Dalek customs are either depictions of Dalek Sec himself or customs that were created using a Dalek Sec figure as a base.

Time War Dalek Sec

This figure is about as basic a custom as you can get, as the only change that has been made is a tiny addition of cyan paint on the eyestalk. Nobody is really sure why, but one of the first releases of the Dalek Sec figure back in the 2000s was missing the cyan-blue of the eyestalk, and this is one of those original figures – albeit with the slight pain error corrected. Aside from that, this figure is a completely standard Dalek Sec figure. Just like in the show, the paint job on this Dalek Sec is divided into two – matt black for the base of the skirt and glossy black for the spheres, dome and slats. Even over a decade later, the Dalek Sec figure still looks as striking as ever.

Dalek Sec with Mutant Reveal

This custom is a slight variation on the standard Dalek Sec figure, except this time the front of the figure can be removed to reveal the slimy green Dalek mutant inside. This custom was created by transplanting the inner workings of a standard mutant reveal Dalek figure into the midsection of a Dalek Sec figure, and the formerly pink mutant has been repainted with glossy green paint and dry-brushed with black to give it a grimy, gooey finish. Lastly, the front panel was filed down and sanded so that it slots smoothly into the housing but does not fall off unaided.

Dalek Sec Hybrid and Casing

During the event of Daleks in Manhattan, Dalek Sec undergoes a bizarre transformation and his casing opens up to reveal the Human-Dalek Hybrid inside. Once the Hybrid emerges from the casing, the eye goes dark and the former casing of Dalek Sec lies dormant. This figure began as one of the previously-mentioned paint error Dalek Sec figures, except this time the eyestalk can remain unpainted to give the effect of the open casing being completely deactivated. The front sections of the figure were removed with a hacksaw and arranged on either side to resemble the method in which Dalek casings open, with hot glue being used to hold the pieces in place.

Dalek Overseer

This custom depicts a Dalek from the Big Finish audio story Planet of the Ogrons, released as part of the second Eighth Doctor Time War box set. In the story, the insane Dalek Overseer conducts experiments on other life forms and is detested by other Daleks due to the fact that he is impure, and has a concept of things like irony and pride in his experiments. The front cover of this audio depicts the Overseer as a red-eyed Dalek with a mass of writhing metallic claws and wires in place of a plunger arm, so the custom version of this Dalek uses a Dalek Sec figure as the base, with the eye painted red and the manipulate arm replaced with black and silver wires held together with hot glue.

Cyber Universe Genesis Ark

This elaborate custom was designed to represent a fan-fiction ‘What If’ scenario, showing what could have happened if the Cybermen had somehow managed to win the Battle of Canary Wharf during the events of the Series 2 episode Doomsday. As we know, the Daleks wipe the floor with the Cybermen without any casualties whatsoever, but what if the Daleks had been facing a more advanced variety of Cyberman, like the ones seen in Dark Water / Death in Heaven? Here we see Dalek Sec hiding in the ruins of the Genesis Ark, the only survivor of a disastrous loss that was the final defeat of the Daleks in a Cyber-dominated parallel universe. This figure was created using a dry-brushed Dalek Sec figure, a damaged Genesis Ark figure, a severed Cyberman arm and several Cybermats, all held together with hot glue and wires and given a final finish of dry-brushing with grey and silver Citadel paint.

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Custom Big Finish Daleks – Part 4

Welcome to my showcase of custom Daleks created in homage to various Doctor Who audios created by Big Finish. How each individual listener interprets the appearance of a particular Dalek will change depending on the individual. Even the front covers of the audios that depict particular types of Daleks, as excellent as they are, can only be a guide to how one interprets an audio. As such, there is a lot of creative freedom when creating custom Daleks inspired by audios, as it is a chance to make your own interpretations of the audio Daleks real and tangible.

Many of these Dalek customs are at odds with other depictions of the same Daleks – but creating things from your own imagination is always better than copying something else. All of these Dalek figures are totally unique, and each one has been lovingly crafted over the course of several months. Although it may not look like much, painting a Dalek figure requires precision and dedication – after all, each individual hemisphere has to be painted carefully and consistently to ensure that the entire surface is covered with paint but not a single drop goes onto the rest of the figure.

Custom Blue Dalek Supreme

Big Finish Audio – Daleks Among Us

Though it might be the lighting, I have always interpreted the Dalek on the front cover of Daleks Among Us as being deep blue, and though I imagined it was simply supposed to be a black Dalek from The Daleks’ Master Plan, I wanted to create something different and eye-catching, and so this blue Dalek Supreme was born. The figure itself is – surprise, surprise – an Emperor’s Guard figure from the Dalek Collectors Set #2, the go-to base for making late-1960s-era inspired Daleks. I painted the figure using blue Citadel paint and then painted over the hemispheres with silver Citadel paint. Interestingly, I have noticed some confusion over exactly what Dalek the cover of Daleks Among Us is trying to depict, as the silver hemispheres coupled with the ‘black’ base coat implies that it is a Remembrance of the Daleks-era Supreme Dalek, which makes sense given that its a Seventh Doctor audio, and yet its eyestalk – arguably the most prominent part of this Dalek on the cover – is that of a 1960s-era Dalek.

Custom Damaged Dalek Drone

Big Finish Audio – Plague of the Daleks

Depicted on the front cover of Plague of the Daleks is a pair of badly damaged Dalek drones, who have been hiding underground for decades and as such have accumulated a lot of scoring and corrosion. This figure was a Gold Dalek Supreme from Day of the Daleks, although I have covered up much of the gold with bronze Citadel paint or black Citadel washes, although some of the gold is still visible to add to the rusted effect. These Daleks have been isolated for a long time, and during that period it would make sense that they would attempt some rudimentary repairs to their casing, hence my use of fake eyestalks and appendages with this figure – the eyestalk was made using the broken pieces of an old lighter, and the plunger and gunstick were created using plastic pieces, some of which were recycled from an old disposable biro pen.

Custom Red Dalek Drone / Supreme

Big Finish Audio – The Dalek Wars Series

This Dalek was inspired by the ‘Dalek Wars’ series of audios that Big Finish created as one of their early Doctor Who spinoffs. I haven’t listened to all of Dalek War yet, but I have listened to enough of it to know significant spoilers, which I will not reveal here, but needless to say that over the course of the Dalek Wars series we see (or rather, hear) a fair amount of Dalek variants. This is excellent for me, as it means I get to create more customs showcasing my interpretations of these Daleks, and this one in particular is supposed to represent one of the Drones and / or the Supremes of the ‘alternate Daleks’, which appear at the end of the first series of the Dalek Wars. I used red Citadel paint for the skirt, slats and dome, black Citadel paint for the base, hemispheres and middle band, and grey Citadel paint for the midsection. The neck rings I left gold, as this Dalek was originally a Day of the Daleks Supreme.

Custom Blue Dalek Drone / Supreme

Big Finish Audio – The Dalek Wars Series

Another potential representation of a Drone or Supreme Dalek from the Dalek Wars Series, this blue Dalek uses a design based off a blue Dalek from the ‘War of the Daleks’ role-playing game, which is now somewhat obscure. The design for this Dalek was apparently based off the early ideas for the TV sequel to Remembrance of the Daleks that was created when Doctor Who was still on the air, and allegedly two new Dalek factions would join the Dalek Civil War, including a faction of blue Daleks led by a Dalek with this design, or one a lot like it. I painted this Dalek using blue Citadel paint for the dome, midsection and skirt, black Citadel paint for the slats, middle band, hemispheres and base, and grey Citadel paint for the neck rings and gunstick.

Dalek Time Controller

Big Finish Audio – Patient Zero / The Monster of Montmartre

Big Finish’s Dalek Time Controller has become almost as ubiquitous as the Dalek Emperor himself thanks to several appearances in both the Monthly Adventures and the Eighth Doctor Box Sets, and no bad thing – the unique design of this Dalek coupled with the incredible performance given by Nicholas Briggs makes this particular class of Dalek Supreme a great addition to any story. As such, it seemed only fitting to create a custom based on this design, and I went for a specific point in the Dalek Time Controller’s timeline – after Patient Zero and before, or during, the events of The Monster of Montmartre. The Dalek Time Controller was severely damaged and sent hurtling through time by the Sixth Doctor, and would later encounter the Eighth Doctor in 1920s France.

I created this custom using a regular Dalek with a third ear light added to the back of the dome, the front panel modified to include two extra neck rings, and two larger neck rings forming a criss-cross above the gunboxes in the classic Time Controller design. I used blue Citadel paint for the skirt, midsection and dome, gold Citadel paint for the neck rings, slats and some of the hemispheres, and black Citadel paint for the base and hemispheres. The front section also opens up, revealing the hideous Dalek mutant inside complete with its ‘Dark Eye’!

Custom Intensive Care Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part IV

Welcome to Part IV of my showcase of custom Dalek figures in my collection created to resemble Daleks in the Intensive Care section of the Asylum in Asylum of the Daleks. Although I was impressed with the physical props that we saw in the episode, and I understand that the production team did a fantastic job with the budget that they were allocated, I will always see Asylum of the Daleks as a huge missed opportunity to explore new ideas with the Classic Dalek designs. This is never more true than with the case of the Intensive Care scene, a point in the episode in which Daleks are described as being survivors of various Classic Who stories, yet use modern Dalek designs.

Instead of using the idea of Intensive Care Daleks being damaged Classic Daleks, these customs explore the idea of severely damaged modern Daleks that require external life-support modules to survive, the kind of truly disfigured Dalek inmates that we unfortunately did not get to see in the episode itself. This is why I have decided to go all-out with my customs, and try to be as creative, diverse and experimental as possible with the ideas that I try to explore. Although I want to keep my Daleks ‘screen-accurate’, in the sense that they would fit into the Asylum without looking incongruous, I also want to explore new ideas that the production team of Asylum of the Daleks didn’t have the time or the budget to explore.

This post mostly deals with Intensive Care Daleks in the ‘booths’ that they are seen occupying in the episode. As mentioned in previous posts, I achieved this effect using the separated halves of Genesis Ark toys – although I use the term ‘toy’ very loosely. Oddly enough, despite being part of a fairly rare set, I had acquired over half-a-dozen Genesis Arks due to various Dalek bundles and other memorabilia that I acquired on eBay. As such, I thought that I might as well find a creative use for them, and they fit the bill quite nicely as Dalek toys are specifically designed to be able to slot into them. Although not seen here due to the angles of the pictures, many of the Genesis Arks have been dry-brushed with bronze or silver Citadel paint, or even painted over completely.

Custom Damaged Black Dalek in Booth

This custom Dalek was created using a Dalek Sec figure and is designed to represent an open Dalek that has not completely ‘opened’, as in the front armour has been removed but the mutant itself is still sealed inside. I achieved this by removing the front panel from this Dalek and cutting it in half with a hacksaw. I then filled the Dalek with papier-mâché and painted over it with black Citadel paint. The wires were attached to the Genesis Ark using hot glue, and the Dalek itself was held inside the Genesis Ark using hot glue. The eyestalk is fake, made using a ball joint from another Dalek and some plastic parts salvaged from remote control Daleks. Lastly, I dry-brushed certain areas of this Dalek with silver Citadel paint.

Having barely survived an encounter with the Doctor during the Time War, this mutant rests happily in the Asylum in the hope that the Doctor would not dare ever come there. However, it must still put up with the automated Asylum systems, which insist on giving it constant check-ups every four hundred years or so.

Custom Opened Dalek Soldier in Booth

I created this Dalek to resemble the ‘lift-off head’ Dalek seen in Asylum of the Daleks several times throughout the episode as the Doctor goes in and out of Intensive Care. I cut the head off this Dalek with a hacksaw and cut the front panel in half using a slightly smaller and more precise hacksaw. I attached the top half of the Dalek to the upper part of the Genesis Ark with hot glue and used the same method to hold the lower half of the Dalek in place. The insides of the Dalek are papier-mâché painted over with black Citadel paint, that I also used to give the figure a complete black wash. The eyestalk was created using the inside of a pen and the ball joint from another Dalek.

After the first ever attempted Dalek brain transplant was deemed a failure, this Dalek was taken off the treatment list and put into the Intensive Care storage facility. Despite being inactive, it has been known to occasionally awaken and scream at passing drones, but this is always a temporary setback.

Custom Headless Dalek in Booth

I used a hacksaw to cut the top part of this Dalek off, which required more effort than usual as I was cutting from the middle of the neck-rings section, meaning I had to cut straight through solid plastic instead of just around the edges. I then filled the inside of the Dalek with tissue paper and sealed the top with papier-mâché and hot glue, which also included sticking wires and a large piece of plastic into the papier-mâché. The wires were attached to the inside of the Genesis Ark, as was the plastic attachment, with hot glue. This was also used to hold the Dalek in place, and the entire figure was given a black wash with Citadel paint.

This Dalek had survived an encounter with the Doctor before the Time War even started, and as such was one of the Intensive Care wards earliest patients. Despite this, it remains almost untreatable due to constant fits of rage that cause severe damage to any Asylum systems that attempt to poke around inside.

Custom Severely Damaged Dalek Commander with Frame

This figure is one of the most elaborate in the Intensive Care ward, and that is saying something. I created this figure using a Dalek Sec sculpt as the base, and the colour scheme was left the same. I removed the front panel and attached wires inside, leaving them hanging out. I used hot glue to re-attach the front panel and to attach several mechanisms to the dome of the Dalek including a set of wheels and axle from inside a broken toy car and several more wires. I then built the plastic frame around this Dalek using pieces from a Warhammer set and hot glue. I attached the wires to this frame and painted it with silver Citadel paint. I used green permanent marker to colour in the exposed pieces of glue, giving the impression that the device is leaking Dalek blood.

Once a Dalek Science Commander, this specimen was brought to the Asylum with extreme injuries and is still undergoing intense treatment. Despite its status, this Dalek sits with the rest of the units in Intensive Care, and is known to be among the ward’s more rowdy patients.

Custom New Series Dalek Figures – Part 1

One of the best things about creating the Asylum Project was the freedom to create any Dalek colour scheme I wanted and see it made real in figure form. Sometimes colour schemes didn’t work out the way I intended, or sometimes they took a few tries before I found the exact shade that made a particular colour combination work. However, most of the time a Dalek colour scheme would emerge fully formed and would just work on the first try – and many of the Daleks in this showcase are examples of that. Most of these Daleks don’t conform to lore, or if they do it is a tenuous link at best, but the most important thing about creating art is to allow only the limit of your own creativity to prevent you from creating a piece, not dogma or pre-established rules and expectations.

When collecting Daleks, particularly in the secondhand market, eventually one becomes over-encumbered with New Series Daleks – this is great news for the Asylum Project, but as much as I love making Asylum customs, I don’t want to limit the scope of my Dalek customisation to just Asylum Daleks. I have therefore created several New Series Daleks that, although complete, do not fit in with either my Big Finish or my standard New Series Dalek collections. Some of these Daleks are loosely based on canon designs, but many are simply my own colour schemes or heavily modified versions of existing colour schemes.

Custom Blue Dalek Sec Figure

The idea behind this custom was simple – what if the different members of the Cult of Skaro had different colour schemes? This would certainly have made them easier to identify, although if all three of the previously bronze Daleks had different colours, Dalek Sec would look bland by comparison. As such, I created this ‘alternate’ Dalek Sec custom, involving one simple change, making the skirt of the figure blue instead of black. Although this is a relatively minor change, the effect is striking – not only does it break up the consistent black colour scheme of the original figure, but it also adds menacing emphasis on the central rotating gunnery platform that makes up the Dalek midsection.

Custom Dalek Saucer Pilot Figure

Briefly seen in the 50th Anniversary Special The Day of the Doctor, the New Series Dalek Saucer Pilot is based off the original Dalek Saucer Commander from the 1964 epic The Dalek Invasion of Earth. Creating this custom was somewhat ironic for me, as I spend most of my time customising Saucer Commander Daleks by painting them to resemble other Daleks of the era – this time, however, I was repainting a completely different Dalek to that same design. The panels on the skirt section were certainly the most challenging, but using black Citadel paint I filled in the sections that required painting and then used a setsquare to scrape away the excess paint and leave a clean finish. I also used bronze and gold Citadel paint to add detailing to the neck rings, the eyestalk and the hemispheres. Finally, I replaced the front panel, including the gunstick and plunger, with that of a Dalek Commander figure, in order to break up the colour scheme of the midsection.

Custom Red Dalek Commander Figure

Red and Black is not a colour combination that has been explored very much with the Daleks, possibly because it makes the connections of their origin to certain fascist regimes slightly too overt. Nonetheless, the colour scheme still looks good on a Dalek, and it certainly adds an intimidating touch that is perfect for Dalek Commanders. I considered painting the head red as well, although I was unsure if this would create too much of a dominance of red in the colour scheme – after all, this figure is simply a Dalek Commander with the formerly gold detailing painted over in red, so I felt that sticking to the original design would make this figure consistent with other Dalek Commanders.

Custom Eternity Circle Dalek Figure

Featured in the War Doctor novel Engines of War, the Eternity Circle is a distinct sect of elite Daleks formed by the Dalek Emperor to develop Temporal Weapons for the Time War. In the novel, the five members of the Eternity Circle were been described as dark blue and silver, a colour scheme that was recently depicted in figure form via the new Big Finish Dalek Interrogator Prime figure. However, there are several points in the novel Engines of War in which certain members of the Eternity Circle are described as being dark blue and gold, and although this may be a simple misprint or mistake, I was intrigued to see what that design would look like. As such, I repainted a Dalek Interrogator Prime figure and replaced the silver detailing with gold, and then added a black wash to restore the figure’s original grimy appearance. The colour scheme works very well, particularly since it adds a certain degree of consistency with other Time War-era Daleks.

Custom Big Finish Dalek Figures – Part 3

Welcome to my showcase of custom Daleks created in homage to various Doctor Who audios created by Big Finish. The most fun thing about creating Big Finish Dalek customs is listening to the audios and thinking about how Daleks that appear might look different – for example, Big Finish audios gives us a lot of scenes set on the bridges of Dalek ships, something we rarely see in the TV series, so when a Dalek with a particular-sounding voice speaks often, we get the impression that it is a sub-commander or other specialist, which opens the door for the idea of Daleks of different designs appearing, and what said designs might look like.

For this, I tend to let my imagination create the concepts – I may take inspiration from pre-existing Dalek designs from other eras, or be aided by the brilliantly-designed covers of the Big Finish audios which sometimes feature completely new Dalek designs that make excellent ideas for customs.

Custom Classic Dalek Scientist

Big Finish Audio: Return of the Daleks

Although they resemble regular Daleks during their first appearance in the TV story Planet of the Daleks, the outpost that the Daleks man is run by scientists, which have been depicted as having their own unique colour schemes in later Dalek media. Examples of this include the cover of A Thing of Guile and the Orange Dalek Scientist of the New Dalek Paradigm. As such, I decided to take inspiration from the more tasteful of those two options and create a Planet of the Daleks-era scientist Dalek in the style of A Thing of Guile. This could therefore be a Dalek that appears in Return of the Daleks during the search for the frozen army on Spiridon.

Custom ‘The Overseer’ Dalek

Big Finish Audio – Planet of the Ogrons, from The Eighth Doctor: The Time War 2

The fascinating design for the Dalek Overseer on the front cover of Planet of the Ogrons inspired me to make this custom that, whilst not depicting that Dalek 100% accurately, does a decent job of paying homage to the design. My favourite aspect of this design, and therefore this custom, is the red eyestalk – it is an excellent touch, and Daleks with different coloured eyestalks should be explored more in the New Series as a means of denoting rank or status. I created this custom using a Dalek Sec figure, which was almost completely unchanged except for the eyestalk which was painted red with Citadel paint, and the plunger which was replaced with a mass of various wires held together with hot glue.

Custom Dalek Wars Special Weapons Dalek

Big Finish Audio – Emissary of the Daleks

Although the design on this Special Weapons Dalek looks more like the colour scheme from Death to the Daleks, I intended it to fit in with the Dalek Wars aesthetic, and so it makes the perfect representation of the Special Weapons Dalek from Emissary of the Daleks, which going by the look of the Supreme Dalek on the cover is set during the time of one of the Dalek Wars. To create this custom I spray painted a Special Weapons Dalek silver and painted the detailing with black Citadel paint. This Special Weapons Dalek was covered in rough scuff-marks which have come up quite nicely under the silver paint and gives the appearance of a weathered, battle-damaged look.

Custom ‘Transaction’ Dalek

Big Finish Audio – The Dalek Transaction, from UNIT: Encounters

Although this looks like a custom that should appear in my Asylum Project blog posts, this Dalek is actually an accurate recreation of the Dalek seen on the cover of the UNIT: The New Series audio The Dalek Transaction, I’ll have you know. I created this Dalek using a combination of a hacksaw, wire cutters and metallic Citadel paint in order to accurately depict the damage to the Dalek seen on the cover of this story including a missing eyestalk, missing appendages, missing hemispheres and various cuts and holes in the casing. I used bronze, silver and black Citadel paints for both dry-brushing and various washes to finalise the battered, weathered effect of this custom.

Custom Pre-Time War Dalek

Big Finish Audio: Blood of the Daleks, from The Eighth Doctor Adventures Series 1

This Dalek is a somewhat loose recreation of the Daleks created on Red Rocket Rising during the events of Blood of the Daleks, the first two-part story of the first series of The Eighth Doctor Adventures starring Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith. Although playing somewhat loose with the canon, as this Dalek should resemble the Classic Series Daleks, I used a New Series Dalek to add an ironic twist – what if the Daleks themselves later adapted to use the casing design of the Daleks created on Red Rocket Rising? After all, we are never given a physical description of the Human-Daleks in that story, and it would explain why the Time War Daleks use a bulkier casing that appears to be held together with rivets. Still, that’s my tinfoil-hat theory expressed in custom Dalek figure form.

Custom Intensive Care Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part III

Welcome to Part III of my showcase of custom Dalek figures in my collection created to resemble Daleks in the Intensive Care section of the Asylum in Asylum of the Daleks. The Asylum Project has allowed me to explore some very creative Dalek designs, but the Intensive Care Daleks take the cake. Due to the temporal nature of the Daleks as a species, there is no consistent design or colour scheme, meaning that there is no consistency for what the inside of a Dalek should look like either. Indeed, the show itself has been less than consistent with its depictions of the Daleks. As such, there is enormous creative freedom to create the models that I want using whatever I have to hand.

Although the Daleks seen in the Intensive Care ward in Asylum of the Daleks were not very interesting visually, they were at least interesting in concept, and these are the ideas that I want to explore with these customs – almost a ‘what if?’ scenario, had the BBC been given an unlimited budget to make Asylum of the Daleks the huge cinematic action thriller that it should have been. Several of these customs pay homage to various elements of Doctor Who history, both inside and outside of the show’s canon. This is arguably one of the things that I love most about doing Dalek customs – the freedom to explore the rich avenues of Dalek lore and create some amazing concepts that might never have been explored before.

Custom Red-Top Dalek Patient

This custom Dalek was clearly based on Terry Nation’s infamous ‘Red-Top’ Dalek, although it has been heavily modified from Terry’s original ‘design’. The head of this Dalek is a New Series dome painted red, although the body is that of a standard late 1960s Dalek. The mechanisms attached to this Dalek are wires from various sources, mostly computers, phone chargers and old radios but also remote control Daleks. The outer frame was created using plastic from a Warhammer set and the blue sphere is a marble. I added two resistors of different types and painted them green for added effect – one is translucent, the other is not. Finally, the ear lights of this Dalek were made using mismatched coloured LEDs and the entire figure was given several black washes with Citadel paint as well as a red Asylum stamp with permanent marker.

Once a Controller from Dalek Supreme Command, this Dalek awaits repairs in the Asylum, watching the inmates spin about whilst slowly going mad itself. However, at the back of its mind one thought remains – the Doctor. Despite not meeting the Time Lord in person, this Dalek is riddled with fear – perhaps explaining its imprisonment.

Custom Damaged Dalek Commander

This custom Dalek was created using a Dalek Sec figure with the top cut off using a hacksaw, and the half-piece of Genesis Ark that I used was spray painted silver, which is a nice touch. I filled the inside of this Dalek with tissue paper and hot glue which I then painted black, and the wires were attached using precise applications of hot glue that fed into a computer chip, which was also attached using hot glue, although this time to the inside of the Genesis Ark. I had to construct ‘legs’ for the computer chip as it would not adhere to the curved inside of the Genesis Ark otherwise. I gave the Dalek figure a dry-brushing with silver Citadel paint and several coats of black wash.

Once a Dalek Special Operations unit, this Dalek was attacked by rebels led by none other than the Doctor himself, and was unable to destroy the Daleks’ greatest enemy. Now refusing to speak at all, the Asylum continues its repairs as this Dalek festers in its failure as it plots revenge.

Custom Dalek Squadron Leader Patient

This Dalek Squadron Leader custom uses a design that I was originally quite fond of – red dome with red hemispheres – although after repainting several of my other Daleks, this is the last one to sport that colour scheme. I created this custom using a standard remote control Dalek which was placed inside half of a Genesis Ark and held in with two plastic pieces which were secured with hot glue. The wires that adorn this custom came from the inside of an old PC, and the paint used is red Citadel paint. The eyestalk is fake, made using a piece of LEGO, and the exterior of the Genesis Ark is painted blue with red ‘alert’ detailing.

Doomed to scream endlessly at the barren walls of the Asylum, this insane Dalek Squadron Leader took part in the Battle of Arcadia on Gallifrey, although what it saw there rendered its mind completely hollow and its casing, although physically in working order, has gone into lockdown to prevent the mutant from killing itself.

Custom Intensive Care Dalek Leader

This custom looks a bit of a mess, and it is – this custom depicts a critical failure with one of the Asylum’s carefully constructed life support cages, which has led to a total structural collapse – all quite intentional, I assure you. The machinery for this custom was created using the internal mechanisms of an old CD player as well as several pieces of plastic from a Warhammer set and generous dollops of hot glue. The Dalek figure itself is a Commander, and the figure is barely changed other than the addition of light dry-brushing with silver paint and several washes with black Citadel paint.

After being attacked by Splicer Daleks, this former Dalek Commander’s hopes of making a full recovery were dashed. Now abandoned in a corridor of the Asylum, the casing attempts to reactivate the damaged Intensive Care systems in a desperate attempt to keep the mutant inside alive.

Custom New Series TV Dalek Figures – Part 2

Series 9 of the New Series of Doctor Who was controversial for many reasons, but one thing that absolutely no-one complained about was the appearance of more Classic Series Daleks in the New Series, a rare treat that, as of now, is confined to the Moffat era. In the Series 9 opening two-parter The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar, we are treated to some new-old Dalek designs, in that several of the Classic Series Daleks that we see sport brand new colour schemes that have never been seen on-screen before. So not only did the New Series bring back the Classic Series Dalek design, they also added new Classic Series Daleks that the Classic Series never even had!

Although these colour scheme changes were somewhat minor, the added benefit of the swanky new blue eyestalk on these old Daleks meant that they had a very distinctive design, and they stood apart from their 1960s-era brethren. I created these customs to pay tribute to the creativity and hard work of the production team behind this two-part story, and the great work that they did expanding the Dalek Pantheon.

Custom Dead Planet style Dalek

This slightly modified version of the original The Dead Planet Dalek design was first seen briefly in Series 7’s Asylum of the Daleks before making a more prominent (and cleaner) appearance in Series 9. To create this custom, I used a Saucer Pilot Dalek from The Dalek Invasion of Earth, painted the dome silver, painted the midsection cyan, and painted the skirt base silver. I then removed the chunky bottom of the invasion Daleks and coloured the eyestalk in blue with permanent marker.

Custom Dead Planet style Dalek Guard

This design was created by accident during the production of The Witch’s Familiar – during Missy’s attempt to escape the Dalek City, this Dalek can briefly be seen – an original 1960s Dalek sporting the black dome of the Emperor’s Guard, a combination that had never been seen before on-screen until now. Like the previous custom, this was once a Saucer Pilot, and the creation of this custom was similar to the previous – except I didn’t have to paint the dome silver.

Custom Skaro-style 1960s Dalek

A very prominent sight in the Dalek Control Room in the Series 9 opening episode, this Dalek is a modification of the standard late-1960s Dalek design, the only real difference is the addition of a blue eyestalk light and the cyan base of the midsection, which in the original Dalek stories was grey. This custom was created using an Emperor’s Guard Dalek from the Dalek Collectors Set #2, with the dome painted silver, the eyestalk coloured in blue, and the midsection painted cyan with Citadel paint.

Custom New Series Dalek Cult of Skaro Figures

Introduced in the excellent Series 2 finale Army of Ghosts / Doomsday, the Cult of Skaro are among the most interesting Dalek concepts explored on the show – the idea of a secret order of Daleks that exist outside the chain of command and can experiment, philosophise and plot with a level of imagination and creativity that were alien to most Daleks. This idea allowed for some interesting storytelling surrounding the Cult, including the thought-provoking plight of Dalek Sec in Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks and a triumphant reveal for the mad Dalek Caan in Journey’s End.

I have made several customs depicting members of the Cult of Skaro, and although some have ended up in other showcases, this post will specifically focus on the order and their various schemes during the regular appearances during the Tenth Doctor’s era.

Custom Dalek Sec Hybrid and Casing

This custom was a difficult one, as it involved precise positioning of pieces without the assistance of an outer framework. The custom depicts the emergence of the Dalek Sec Hybrid, as the black casing is in the process of opening as the hybrid creature itself emerges. This is not a completely screen-accurate custom, as the panels on the skirt do not fold out as in the episode but instead open outwards like a door, but this was done to maintain the structural integrity of the custom, as without the lower section supporting the opened front panel and neck rings, it is likely that they would fall off. The hybrid itself has been slightly customised to add to the lacklustre paint job of the original figure, as there are now more shades of pink, purple and green across the figure that add to the effect.

Custom Sewer Dalek Caan

Despite inhabiting the sewers for most of their appearance in Series 3’s two-part Dalek story, the bronze members of the Cult of Skaro do not look physically damaged or dirty. Although this is not necessarily a requirement, as Dalek shields may protect against such things, I nonetheless decided to create this custom (as well as customs of the other Daleks) to depict the Cult members during the run-up to the Final Experiment, as they skulk about in the sewer. This custom was created using a standard Dalek Caan figure that I applied a black wash to using Citadel paint.

Custom Sewer Dalek Thay

Finally, a Damaged Dalek Thay figure that is actually representing Dalek Thay in his damaged form! Although the lack of back panels was a cool idea, Dalek custom hobbyists like myself absolutely loathe this sculpt as it shows up everywhere. There are only so many creative ways to incorporate three missing back panels into a custom before you start repeating yourself. Nevertheless, this is possibly the simplest alteration to a Damaged Dalek Thay figure that I have ever made – all I did was give the figure a light black wash to bring out the details.

Custom Sewer Dalek Jast

Unlike his other Cult of Skaro members, Dalek Jast never really gets his ‘moment’. Dalek Thay gets the confrontation with the Cybermen, Dalek Sec gets the hybridisation, and Dalek Caan becomes a crazy prophet. Jast, on the other hand, does absolutely nothing and then dies. Unfortunately, this may be due to his high-pitched voice, which was allegedly difficult for Nicholas Briggs to pull off. I have still put a lot of effort into this custom, however, as the black wash on this custom has been doubled up with a glossy finish to make the Dalek seem wet, as it is covered in sewer water.

Custom Genesis Ark with Daleks

This is a very light custom, as the Genesis Ark is hardly the most intricate design in itself. However, despite the simple colour scheme, the ‘figure’ of the Genesis Ark is one shade of bronze consistently, instead of having its sections broken up with different shades. I have therefore modified one to look more like its on-screen counterpart, including the slightly lighter bronze on the dome and the main body as well as more pronounced detailing around the plunger interface controls.

Custom Big Finish Dalek Figures – Part 2

Welcome to my showcase of custom Daleks created in homage to various Doctor Who audios created by Big Finish. The release of the B&M Big Finish Doctor and Dalek two-packs have set the precedent that the depiction of a Big Finish Dalek does not necessarily have to be in-keeping with pre-established lore, or indeed go on any indication of what the Dalek might look like, or lack thereof. We know that the previously nondescript Dalek Interrogator Prime is blue and silver thanks to these figures, and we also know that the Dalek Scientist is silver, not blue as depicted on the cover of the audio in which it appears. As such, it appears that the floodgates are open and anything goes as far as Big Finish Dalek custom designs are concerned.

Although I have taken some creative licence with these customs, I have tried to remain in-keeping with the design philosophy of the Daleks in both the Classic Series and the New Series, and some changes have been made to designs to make them more realistic to depict as customs. Nonetheless, presented here is nothing less than the definitive source of Dalek designs for Big Finish audios.

Custom Elaborate Weapons Dalek

Big Finish Audio – The Four Doctors

Although named as such by me, not by the audio in question, this custom represents a particular Special Weapons Dalek – although I have assigned this to The Four Doctors for now, this is how I picture any Special Operations Special Weapons Daleks in the future. I created this custom using a standard Special Weapons Dalek painted with black Citadel paint. The detailing was done with a bright red and muted silver Citadel paint, the latter of which was applied using dry-brushing.

Custom Brotherhood Dalek

Big Finish Audio – Brotherhood of the Daleks

Featuring prominently on the cover art of Brotherhood of the Daleks is this Red Dalek, as this audio depicts the creation of pseudo-subfaction of Daleks which take on a more communist approach compared to the Daleks’ most fascist alignment. As such, this Dalek sports bright shining red, in-keeping with the design seen on the cover. As such, this Dalek closely resembles the incorrectly-coloured Dalek on the cover of the novelisation of The Daleks’ Master Plan, although that Dalek has no red on the midsection.

Custom Dalek Prime

Big Finish Audio – The Four Doctors

Although what differentiates a Dalek Prime from a Dalek Supreme is never truly addressed, it was clear to me that I would have to make this Dalek stand out from Dalek Supremes in order to justify its unique rank. As such, I used a similar design to the Special Weapons Dalek from the same story and went with a sinister black and red approach. I used Citadel paint for this custom and specific Citadel brushes due to the precise nature of the paint applications.

Custom Time War Dalek Scientist

Big Finish Audio – A Thing of Guile, part 2 of The War Doctor: Infernal Devices

This is a somewhat controversial choice as the recent release of the previously mentioned Big Finish B&M Dalek figure packs have confirmed that the Dalek Scientist seen on the cover of A Thing of Guile is silver and bronze, not blue and bronze, and the artwork of the cover means that the Dalek appears blue due to reflections on the rendering model. However, I wanted to know what this colour scheme would look like on a figure, so here it is. I also added the Vault Guard Dalek claw as a bonus attachment.

Custom Dalek Time Strategist

Big Finish Audio – The Shadow Vortex, part 1 of The War Doctor: Agents of Chaos

This Dalek Supreme custom was created to resemble the Dalek Time Strategist on the front cover of several of the War Doctor audios starring John Hurt and Jacqueline Pearce. I say ‘resemble’, as that Dalek appears to possess an intricate Time Controller (aka a plasma ball) in its midsection, that I deemed far too adventurous an idea for a custom. One day I might return to this figure and attempt to add the feature, but not yet. The paint applications were done in layers – first I spray-painted the figure silver, I then painted on the purple details with Citadel paint and coloured in the hemispheres with permanent marker. Although not 100% ‘cover-accurate’, I am still incredibly pleased with how striking this figure looks.

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