Custom Destroyed Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part II

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts showcasing my collection of custom Dalek Asylum inmates, including custom Classic Daleks. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection. Classic Daleks are awesome, especially when they are acknowledged by and appear in the New Series of Doctor Who. Asylum of the Daleks was supposed to be the one and only heyday of Classic Series Daleks in the New Series, but the disappointing lack of appearances coupled with issues on-set with many of the props led to a distinct lack of Classic Dalek action in that story. This need not apply to the Asylum customs collection, however, as over the years I have acquired many broken Classic Dalek figures and putting them to use in the Asylum has been a very rewarding experience. There is something exciting about customising Classic Dalek figures – even though the figures themselves aren’t radically different from the New Series Daleks in terms of design, they are fairly different in construction, particularly the finer points of how the neck section is put together, and this coupled with the obvious draw of Classic Daleks themselves to a Dalek fan makes these customs very fun to make.

Part II of the Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Classic Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Classic Series Daleks can be hard to come by, especially in dry spells between figure releases. Right now the best way to get them cheap is by scouring eBay, although the selection is sparse. Many of these destroyed Daleks were made using broken Classic Series Dalek figures that I acquired as part of a bundle.

Custom Destroyed Blue Skaro Dalek

Although they never appeared in the Asylum itself, it can be assumed that this style of Dalek, seen in the Series 9 opening two-parter The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar, appeared in the Asylum as a cyan version of the Dead Planet Daleks, also seen in Series 9, appear in the Asylum so it makes sense that this version would too. The figure itself started out life as an Emperor’s Guard figure from The Evil of the Daleks, though it has since been heavily modified beyond recognition – the head was removed, and I filled the inside of the neck with cardboard, hot glue and tissue paper, and the base of the shoulder section has been repainted cyan to give it the distinctive look of the Series 9 Classic Series Daleks. Finally, I removed several of the spheres and gave the figure a black wash with several specific details done several times over with black Citadel paint.

Even the most trusted court of Davros are not immune to the sentence of exile to the Asylum, should they demonstrate non-Dalek tendencies. This Dalek was once a member of Davros’ personal guard on Skaro, but was sent to the Asylum for demonstrating genuine care for its creater , going so far as to call Davros “Father.”

Custom Destroyed Earth Invasion Dalek

It is often a challenge to come up with new ideas of things to do with the Dalek Saucer Pilot from the Classic Dalek Collectors Set #2, especially when you get one that is already damaged. One might assume that simply removing the base and making it a classic Dead Planet Dalek custom is a logical solution, although I like to keep the number of Dead Planet Daleks in the Asylum to a minimum in order to preserve the sense of realism. As such, several ‘Earth Invasion’ Daleks are present in the Asylum, such as this one which sports a cyan and silver colour scheme on the shoulder section similar to those seen in the Series 9 two-part Dalek story set on Skaro, yet this Dalek still features the bulky base characteristic of all Invasion-era Daleks.

This damaged Dalek lieutenant has been festering in the Asylum since the Dalek invasion of Earth, and was critically damaged due to Human resistance and thus sent to the darkest depths of the prison planet for repairs. The promised repairs never came, however, as automated drones were far too busy repairing the facility itself. The mutant inside this Dalek casing waits and contemplates revenge…

Custom Destroyed Renegade Dalek

For all its bombastic battles and exploding Daleks, Remembrance of the Daleks features very few instances of destroyed Renegade Daleks. Aside from the destroyed Dalek at Totter’s Lane and a Renegade Dalek that takes a hit in Ratcliffe’s Junkyard and stands idle as a result, there are few visible Rengade casualties that aren’t simply reduced to ash by the Special Weapons Dalek. As such, I was able to go all out for this custom, creating a destroyed grey Dalek that takes inspiration from how destroyed Daleks of the era look but also adding a flair of my own. Believe it or not, this figure started out life as a gold Dalek Supreme from Day of the Daleks, painted to resemble a Renegade Dalek. The top half was cut off with a hacksaw, and the remains of the upper neck section were used to create the new top half which I held together with hot glue and tissue paper. The insides were painted a dull green to represent the dead Dalek mutant and the entire figure was given a black wash.

Though the war itself is long over, Imperial Daleks and Renegade Daleks still fight to the death in the depths of the Asylum. As other insane Daleks cheer them on, the last remnants of a long-forgotten conflict eradicate each other – leaving grim relics like this one to rot in the corridors of the Asylum forevermore.

Custom Destroyed Necros Dalek Mutant

Every once in a while it is fun to go all-out for a destroyed Dalek custom – after all, each one should look unique, and this one in particular was designed with uniqueness in mind. Not only is it one of the few Necros Daleks in the Asylum collection, but this custom also features a distinctive custom Dalek mutant that I made using hot glue, tissue paper, the tentacles from a 12″ Dalek Sec Hybrid figure and plastic wires from an old computer. The figure itself has an interesting history – I bought it pre-customised as part of a damaged and broken Dalek figure eBay lot, and then later discovered that it had appeared on a custom figure showcase video on Youtube, though since then the paint had begun to flake off. I repainted the custom in the Necros colouration and added the mutant on top, as well as several pieces of classic Dalek neck grille around the mutant to complete the effect.

It is unknown if Davros was ever aware of the Dalek Asylum, though several of the Daleks that languish here are the results of his failed experiments. This particular Dalek was captured with Davros by the Dalek Supreme Council and was cast into the Asylum due to their disgust. After its distinctive casing took irreparable damage, the mutant inside attempts to free itself from its casing to find a new home…

Custom Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part I

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new blog posts showcasing my collection of custom Dalek Asylum inmates, including Classic Daleks in the Asylum, which were among the most anticipated inclusion in the TV story Asylum of the Daleks and yet were tragically underused, mostly due to the inconvenience of the locally sourced props compared to BBC-built New Series Daleks. Thanks to the plethora of Classic Dalek figures out there, however, the Asylum Project is filled with 60s, 70s and 80s Daleks. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection.

Part I of the Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Classic Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear damaged, insane or deranged, sourced from several distinct episodes of the Classic Series – The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Day of the Daleks and Genesis of the Daleks, three of the finest Dalek episodes in Classic Who’s repertoire. Many of these customs are created using figures from the old reliable Dalek Collectors Set #2, of which I had many thanks to B&M’s sales several years ago. It is the fond hope of many Dalek custom hobbyists that the next set of B&M exclusive Doctor Who figure sets feature Daleks of any of the various classic designs, as these are a great source of material for customising and B&M tend to sell the sets at very low prices, sometimes as low as £10 for three classic Daleks.

Before getting into the custom figures, let us address the elephant in the room – is it moral to damage classic Dalek figures? It depends on the context. Many of the more badly damaged classic Daleks in my Asylum collection were sold to me with varying degrees of pre-existing damage, some of which was beyond repair. A few particular examples come from a former Dalek hobbyist who, having attempted a rather crude method of burning his Dalek figures to simulate battle damage, gave up on the prospect when the results appeared lacklustre and the badly damaged Daleks were since sold to me. As such, I salvaged what I could from the previous work and the results are presented here for evaluation.

Custom Damaged Earth Invasion Dalek

This custom was one of my earliest Classic Dalek customs, though it still stands the test of time after just a few slight modifications over the years. Unfortunately, it is missing the sucker cup from the end of its manipulator arm, though this could just be interpreted as part of the damage caused by its time in the Asylum. This custom started out its life as a Saucer Pilot from The Dalek Invasion of Earth, so only a few repaints were needed to the dome, panels on the skirt and the front part of the gunboxes to make it resemble the standard drone Dalek from the same story. The gritty weathering effect was done using a very scratchy old model paintbrush that is ideal for dry-brushing. This model is a near-intact figure with hardly any physical damage to the casing, as was common with Classic Daleks in Asylum of the Daleks.

One of just a handful of survivors of the Dalek Invasion of Earth in the 22nd century, this former warrior sits idle in the bowels of the Asylum, contemplating the Dalek defeat on Earth at the hands of the Doctor. This Dalek’s catatonic state, combined with its older design, has meant that it has been largely undisturbed for thousands of years. Should the Doctor ever visit the Asylum, however, things would change…

Custom Damaged Classic Supreme Dalek

Since the Day of the Daleks Supreme is so common, one would think that this would be a recurring design among the Daleks in the Asylum. However, since no Gold Daleks are seen in the Asylum in the TV story, it would be incongruous to have more than one feature in the collection. As such, many of the Gold Daleks that I receive are repainted grey and act as stand-ins for drone Daleks of the Third and Fourth Doctor eras. However, there had to be at least one Gold Dalek in the Asylum – after all, we know from Frontier in Space that more than one Gold Dalek existed, as this rank was a commander below that of the true Supreme Dalek. The paint job on this Dalek was simple, as it just required a wash with few additions, though I did put particular focus on trying to make the skirt and shoulder sections look grubby and grimy. This Dalek also features the Asylum stamp that is seen on some residents of the Asylum, which I drew on with thin lines of red paint.

After falling through time and landing on a planet in Dalek-occupied space, this Supreme Dalek was quickly found and admitted to the Asylum for clear insanity – it had claimed it once commanded Earth in a timeline in which the Dalek invasion succeeded, though could provide no evidence to the Dalek council and, in its manic state, it was deemed inside and condemned to the Asylum forever. However, this has not stopped the former Supreme Dalek from amassing a small band of followers and taking over a small section of chambers and corridors to call his own kingdom.

Custom Battered Genesis-era Dalek

This Dalek is one of the previous mentioned examples of a badly damaged classic Dalek figure falling into my hands, with the work of a previous customiser clearly evident. To make one thing perfectly clear – I do not approve of burning Dalek figures. Not only are the emission from burning plastic bad for the environment (not to mention the noses of everyone in a 5 mile radius) but the effects don’t even look good. When plastic burns, it tends to bubble, and this spoils any effort at making the Daleks look like they are made of metal. Having said that, there are very specific instances in which the burning effect is salvageable, and I believe that I have done a fair job of it here. This Dalek is designed to represent a Genesis of the Daleks-era warrior that has been hit with some kind of radioactive projectile and scorched with devastating fire. As such, the mild bubbling effect that can still be seen (the parts that I was unable to fill in with glue and black paint) are somewhat justified. This figure also features a fake eyestalk, which I created using parts of a pen, hot glue and the ball joint of another Dalek’s gunbox.

A relic of the Dalek’s earliest bid for conquest, this Dalek is one of the oldest specimens in the whole Asylum, scarred from the final hours of the Thousand-Year War on Skaro. The damage to its casing was caused by a shell from a Thal mortar, which scored a direct hit on the Dalek’s casing. Though damaged, this Dalek is miraculously still alive, though all it tends to do these days is scream.

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Custom Destroyed Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates – Part I

Welcome to the Asylum Project, a series of new posts including galleries showcasing my collection of custom Dalek Asylum figures. Several of these Daleks have been showcased on this blog before, however they have all changed greatly since then and new custom Daleks have been added to the collection.

Part I of the Classic Series Dalek Asylum Inmates series will cover my collection of custom Classic Daleks in my Asylum collection that have been modified to appear destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Although they appear more rarely than the 2005 New Series design, Classic Daleks are still a staple of a Dalek custom creator’s regular inventory. Thanks to the release of numerous Classic Dalek Collector’s Sets back in the mid 2010s, particularly the prominent B&M re-release of the Dalek Collector’s Set #2, Classic Dalek figures are a common sight in Dalek lots and bundles for sale. The most common varieties are the three Daleks features in the second collectors set – the Dalek Saucer Pilot from 1964’s The Dalek Invasion of Earth, the Black-domed Emperor’s Guard from 1967’s The Evil of the Daleks, and the gold Supreme Dalek from the 1972 story Day of the Daleks.

Despite their relatively rarity, finding broken classic Daleks is unfortunately a common occurrence. There is one silver lining to this, however, in that broken Classic Daleks make the perfect base for destroyed Classic Daleks, particularly since they are rare. It has to be noted that almost all of the destroyed Classic Dalek customs seen in this showcase use broken figures as their base models, no intact rare Classic Daleks were harmed in the making of these customs. I was particularly lucky in that, thanks to proximity to the local B&M, I was able to acquire a large number of the Dalek Collector’s Set #2, as will become apparent as these blog posts continue. Without further ado, let’s get into the showcase:

Custom Destroyed Skaro Dalek Asylum Inmate

This custom was made using a heavily modified Saucer Pilot from the previously mentioned Dalek Collector’s Set #2. All that was required to make this Dalek from The Dalek Invasion of Earth resembled a Dalek from The Dead Planet was the removal of the bulky base and a light repaint. The dome was painted silver and the rest of the Dalek model was given a silver coat to ensure uniformity. Following this, the spheres were painted cyan and the custom was painted with a black wash to give it a grimy look.

Undoubtedly the more prominent residents of the Asylum are the older Daleks that reside there – though many are destroyed or catatonic, old Daleks litter the Asylum’s halls, and were the area not so dangerous many Dalek historians would have a field day in the facility. This particular Dalek dates back all the way to the Doctor’s first encounter with them on Skaro, though it has been rotting in the Asylum for thousands of years.

Custom Destroyed Imperial Dalek

One of the benefits of having a wide range of Dalek models present in the second Collector’s Set is the array of opportunities that are presented. Due to the fact that the BBC repainted many Dalek props in the Classic era, many Daleks share the same base model, with only the colour schemes telling them apart. As such it is possible to completely rework a Dalek figure for a completely new purpose with just a few coats of paint. This custom perfectly illustrates this process, as this Imperial Dalek custom was once a Day of the Daleks Supreme. With the head removed, the base replaced and sporting an off-white and gold colour scheme, this custom really looks the part. The innards were made using pieces of plastic held together with hot glue and painted over with black, silver and green, and the entire custom was given a black wash to add the Asylum feel.

A casualty of one of the old Dalek Civil Wars, this former Imperial soldier now languishes in the Asylum after suffering severe damage to its casing. The current status of the mutant inside is unknown, as the Asylum medical computers are not programmed to operate on the slightly unorthodox Imperial Dalek biology.

Custom Destroyed Earth Invasion Dalek

This custom was another created using a Dalek Saucer Pilot, though this one has been heavily modified with the top cut off via hacksaw and the manipulator arm removed. The top part of the Dalek has been fitted with a papier-mâché wreckage with part of the neck section grille attached using hot glue. The idea for this custom came from the fact that in early Doctor Who serials dead Daleks would seep green goo as they died. This custom was therefore created to give the impression that the top part of the Dalek was destroyed long ago, and the green goo has long since fossilised. The entire custom was given a grey wash to enhance the sense of long-abandonment. Unlike several other The Dalek Invasion of Earth-themed customs in this series, the base of this Dalek is removable, meaning it can also double as an early The Dead Planet Skaro Dalek.

In the depths of the Asylum, dead Daleks have been rotting for millenia. This particular specimen was put in the Asylum long ago, and survived for years even after the top half of its casing was destroyed by in constant infighting found within the Asylum. However, after long years of dereliction the Dalek mutant within the casing eventually retreated into a hateful hibernation, and its secreted Dalek blood has hardened to form a repulsive biological shell, fused with the remains of its casing.

Custom Destroyed Emperor’s Guard Dalek

This custom was created to represent the early stages of the previous custom’s destruction process – this Dalek has just been destroyed, so the green goo is vibrant and the mutant inside is active. This Dalek is based on the dying Emperor’s Guard Daleks seen in 1967’s The Evil of the Daleks, when rebel Daleks infected with the Human factor invade the throne room of the Dalek Emperor and destroy his casing, killing his guards in the process. The camera lingers on a dying Dalek mutant as a writhes in the remains of its casing. This custom was created using pieces of plastic, metal (particularly old screws) and cardboard held together with hot glue and given numerous repaits. The stubby tentacles are actually the fingers of a 12″ Dalek Sec Hybrid figure, painted the same green as the mutant and held in place with hot glue. The casing was painted using black Citadel paints and a black water-based paint wash. The mutants eye was created using silver paint over a blob of dried glue, which I then drew over using red and blue permanent marker.

A resident of the Asylum’s upper levels, this ferocious Dalek mutant simply refuses to die. Lashing out at all who come near it, the creature plans to leave its damaged casing and acquire a new method of transportation, almost certainly by slaughtering another of its own kind. The creature inside is past caring about Dalek homogeneity, however, as it is quite insane, and willing to do whatever it takes to survive the dark, treacherous depths of the Asylum.

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