New Series Dalek Customs Collection Tour – Destroyed / Asylum Daleks

A group of custom destroyed Daleks

Welcome to my first in a series of Dalek customs showcases, this will essentially be a tour through my collection of custom-made New Series Daleks that have been altered and painted to appear destroyed, with some marked with stamps for the Dalek Asylum. All of these customs are made by me unless stated otherwise in the description.

Destroyed Dalek Thay Figure:

This is a recreation of the inevitable fate of Dalek Thay from the Cult of Skaro. Because Thay was never admitted to the Asylum, he lacks an Asylum stamp, and of course features the damaged back banels seen on many Dalek Thay figures. Thanks to the combined firepower of their own Dalek-Human Hybrid footsoldiers, both Dalek Thay and Dalek Jast are destroyed, and Thay’s remains are presumably disposed of by the citizens of Hooverville. I used paper mâché, glue and black paint to represent Thay’s charred upper half having been blasted away.

Escaping Asylum Inmate Figure:

This Dalek casing has damage to its upper half, and so the mutant inside, wishing to end its eternal damnation in the depths of the Dalek Asylum, is desperate to escape. As a result, the automated Asylum systems have fitted an external restraining field around the casing, but this won’t stop the insane Dalek inside from endlessly trying to climb out of the casing. I used green paint and some grey and black to represent the Dalek casing’s inner fluids and sculpted a pink and purple fleshly mutant out of paper mâché, glue, and part of a Warhammer Banner to make a distinct black claw, partly inspired by the destroyed Imperial Dalek seen in Remembrance of the Daleks. 

Blasted Dalek Shell Figure:

This Dalek was admitted to the Asylum presumably for aggressive behaviour, and has since been attacked and destroyed by one of his fellow inmates. Now a burnt-out husk, this Dalek shell has been pushed into the corner of one of the many cavernous Asylum chambers, forgotten and rotting. However, evidence of the mutant inside having since escaped may suggest that it’s insane former occupant may still yet be lurking somewhere in the Asylum…
I used glue and green paint to represent the Dalek flesh inside the casing and plastic-coated copper wire to simulate damaged parts of the casing.

Destroyed Dalek Scout Figure:

This figure is a representation of the Dalek that is destroyed by the War Doctor’s TARDIS in the 50th Anniversary Special Day of the Doctor. Since the scene in that episode used physical Dalek props instead of CGI, the Daleks that are destroyed break into their modular pieces, with the Commander losing his lower half, leaving a strange effect. This figure is what the Commander in that scene should have looked like, in my opinion. I had to take this Dalek apart and saw a clean cut with a hacksaw, before reassembling the two halves using a plastic frame and filling the detail with paper mâché painted black and held in place with hot glue.

Destroyed New Series Renegade Dalek:

Inspired by the destroyed Renegade Dalek seen in Remembrance of the Daleks, This figure was created using a damaged Dalek Sec figure that I purchased on ebay. An interesting, and slightly melancholy detail that I only noticed after I had finished this custom is that on the base of the figure there is a name tag that reads ‘Luke Lewis’. Whoever you are, Luke Lewis, I’m sorry but I sort of broke your already-broken Dalek Sec figure. Sorry. Nevertheless, the details were finalised using a combination of paper mâché and the pieces of the Dalek which I cut up and painted to match Renegade Dalek livery.

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Bonus – Custom made by CaptainJimiPie


I am showcasing this last custom because it forms a key part of my Asylum New Series Dalek collection, despite the fact that it is not a custom I made. This is a CaptainJimiPie custom that I got as part of a job lot with other damaged Dalek figures. This custom is featured at 1:26 in this video:

Author: Dalek Rabe

I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, Halo, Star Trek and Star Wars and I enjoy watching classic Doctor Who episodes, customising Dalek figures, replaying games like Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy from the early 2000s on the original Xbox.

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